Monday, 9 May 2011

EYMS cutback 62 to Setting Dyke

EYMS's website says there will be changes to the bus times of services 60/60A/61/62/64 from May 15th. In reality it means a frequency cut.

Currently the Hull-Anlaby Road-Priory Road corridor sees 5 buses an hour, Monday to Saturday daytimes. 1 60 or 60A to Cottingham, 1 64 to Cottingham and Castle Hill Hospital and 3 62's to Setting Dyke, giving a combined 12 minute frequency. From next week the 62's become half hourly and the combined frequency becomes every 15 minutes.

I can't say I'm too surprised. The 62 often only has Mini Pointer Darts and Plaxton Primos on it, and at times that is all it needs. Anlaby Road has enough buses already, while Priory Road still maintains 4 buses an hour, with the gap between services only extended by 3 minutes from every 12 to every 15 minutes. Also the current timetable has 2 24 minute gaps between 62's, so a half hourly service only extends the maximum gap by 6 minutes for users in Setting Dyke.

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