Sunday, 13 October 2019

Stagecoach 50 Afternoon Changes

Stagecoach service 50 between Grimsby and Saltfleet was amended in the afternoons on Monday 2nd September. The 50 links Grimsby with various villages to the south east of the town, most of which are within the Lincolnshire County Council area. The service operates three times a day on weekdays, and four times a day on Saturdays, though discounting what are essentially in service positioning journeys, the 50 offers two morning journeys into Grimsby, and two afternoon services from Grimsby, providing a basic service for commuters, students and shoppers.

On schooldays the 1435 from Grimsby now additionally serves New Waltham and Holton Le Clay, with a resultant increase in journey time of 18 minutes for those travelling from Grimsby to villages between Tetney and Saltfleet inclusive; a Grimsby to Tetney journey on this particular departure is now timed for 58 minutes, compared to a direct car journey time of 14 minutes according to Google. During school holidays the 1450 departure from Grimsby now operates 8 minutes later at 1458.

Saturday, 12 October 2019

The end of the Humber Fastcat's Hull City Centre Loop

East Yorkshire and Stagecoach made some changes to the 350 Humber Fastcat between Hull, Barton and Scunthorpe on Sunday 1st September.

Most notably the peaktime, evening and Sunday journeys now no longer serve the Hull City Centre 'loop' outbound from Hull Paragon Interchange, omitting the Bond Street and Carr Lane stops, as well as the stop opposite the Interchange side entrance on Anlaby Road. Instead all outbound journeys now follow the Monday to Saturday daytime route from Paragon Interchange via Park Street to Anlaby Road, which is also used by the 250 Humber Flyer between Hull, Barton, Grimsby and Cleethorpes.

Stagecoach gave no reason for the change, but East Yorkshire noted it was to give a 'speedier' journey; for example the 1715 from Paragon Interchange used to arrive at Hull Royal Infirmary at 1727 but is now timed for 1718. I also suspect improving punctuality may have been a factor, at least with certain journeys; the previously mentioned 1715 used to arrive at Scunthorpe Bus Station at 1842 but now arrives at 1840, with seven of the nine minutes saved by omitting the Hull City Centre loop 'used up' elsewhere on the route.

On the other hand, this change inconveniences anyone who has been visiting the eastern and central parts of Hull City Centre, such as the Old Town area, Princes Quay or Hull New Theatre; passengers from these areas now have to walk to Paragon Interchange, or catch another service and change at either Paragon Interchange or Hull Royal Infirmary. Most other services in Hull City Centre serve other parts of the City Centre in addition to Paragon Interchange inbound or outbound, or in both directions. Furthermore in some cases changing from a connecting service onto the 350 at Bond Street or Carr Lane enabled an earlier 350 to be caught as opposed to changing at Paragon Interchange; I myself used to be able to get home from Hull University to Barton half an hour earlier a few years ago by changing at Carr Lane.

Overall this is a disappointing change, but if punctuality is a concern then this is a better option than cutting say Winteringham or the Frodingham Road area of Scunthorpe, where the 350 provides the only or main service. Plus for passengers travelling from Paragon Interchange it does speed up journey times.

At the same time the 1640 Monday to Saturday departure from Paragon Interchange has been retimed to 1645, fitting in better between the 1630 and 1700 service 250 departures. On Sundays the departure times from Paragon Interchange have been standardised from 0825, 1025, 1320, 1530, 1830 and 1930 to 0830, 1030, 1330, 1530, 1830 and 1930.

Friday, 11 October 2019

Priory Park Park and Ride September Changes

The Priory Park Park and Ride service in Hull, operated by Stagecoach, was slightly amended on Monday 2nd September. It has now gained a number - service 20 (and service 20X for peak time journeys via the A63). Four extra journeys were introduced from Priory Park to the City Centre, at 1855, 1910, 1925 and 1940 Monday to Saturday, presumably to avoid dead mileage. Finally the service now serves all stops en-route, having previously operated non-stop along Hessle Road between Priory Park and Askew Avenue and having served only the Wheeler Street, KC Stadium, Hull Royal Infirmary and Paragon Interchange side entrance stops on Anlaby Road prior to September.

Going by the VOSA website, a major change is due to the Park and Ride service next month, with a re-routing of non-special event journeys via the main Hessle Road shopping area as opposed to Askew Avenue and Boothferry Road. A service 2S is also being introduced between Hull City Centre, the Boothferry Estate and Sainsbury's.

Sunday, 6 October 2019

Stagecoach 8 Changes

Stagecoach made some small changes to service 8 in Hull on Monday 2nd September. The service operates in a circle from Paragon Interchange via Beverley Road, Sutton Park, North Point, Salthouse Road and Holderness Road back to Paragon Interchange, and vice versa, every half hour Monday to Saturday daytimes. Some journeys operate as service 8a or 8x variants.

The weekday 0732 8x from Paragon Interchange to North Point via Beverley Road, Clough Road and the Sutton Fields Industrial Estate now operates as a circular back to Paragon Interchange via Salthouse Road, incorporating the previous college holiday only 0807 service 8 from North Point.

Whilst the circular service has been improved in the morning, it is different in the afternoon. The weekday clockwise 1402 circular service 8a from Paragon Interchange becomes a 1402 service 8 terminating at North Point, and the 1532 service 8 circular from Paragon Interchange now terminates at North Point. Whilst sadly not shown in the service 8 timetable, these journeys now appear to continue as service 85, via the service 8 route, from North Point back to Paragon Interchange and onto the Bricknell Estate. As a result however the apparent cut is not a significant as the service 8 timetable indicates. The loss however is that the last 8a variant from North Point to the unique sections of route on Biggin Avenue, Kestrel Avenue and Howdale Road is now at 1337 rather than 1437 Monday to Friday.

In the anti clockwise direction, there are now two hour long gaps on weekdays in the service 8 timetable, between 1405 and 1505 from Paragon Interchange, and again between 1535 and 1635 (the latter had existed on college days previously). There are journeys however on service 83 from Paragon Interchange at 1430 and 1600 which operate to Salthouse Road, North Point and Sutton Park on the service 8 route before serving Orchard Park and Cottingham; again sadly these journeys are not shown on the service 8 timetable despite going a long way to fill the gaps in service 8. Whilst being aimed at Wilberforce College students, the 83, and 85 mentioned earlier, appear to operate during college holidays as well.

Times of other journeys were also amended by up to 5 minutes, especially in the anti clockwise direction.

Sunday, 29 September 2019

Stagecoach East Hull 16 minor reduction

Back on Monday 2nd September, Stagecoach amended East Hull service 16 between Paragon Interchange, Victoria Dock, Newbridge Road and Preston Road (Archbishop Sentamu Academy). The service remains hourly for much of the day Monday to Saturday, but now has some additional gaps on weekdays. College day service 86 was also withdrawn at the same time; this had previously filled in some gaps in service 16.
  • The 0840 from Paragon Interchange to Archbishop Sentamu Academy was withdrawn on weekdays during college holidays. Combined with the end of service 86 there are now no weekday departures from Paragon Interchange between 0720 and 0940. The 0840 continues to operate on Saturdays.
  • The 1440 from Paragon Interchange and 1509 return from Archbishop Sentamu Academy no longer operate on Thursdays, leaving a 150 minute gap in the timetable. During college term times this is presumably related to Wilberforce College having an early Thursday finish.
  • The 1540 service 16 (college holidays)/service 86 (college days) from Paragon Interchange is replaced by a new Monday to Friday service 16 from Paragon Interchange at 1610. The 1540 service 16 remains on Saturdays.
  • The 1609 service 16 from Archbishop Sentamu Academy (college holidays) and 1620 service 86 from Wilberforce College (college days) are replaced by a new Monday to Friday service 16 1640 departure from Archbishop Sentamu Academy. The 1609 continues to operate on Saturdays.

Sunday, 22 September 2019

Stagecoach 9 Afternoon Changes

Stagecoach made some afternoon timetable changes to services 9/9a in Hull from Monday 2nd September. The routes link Kingswood, North Point, Garden Village and Paragon Interchange and combined operate every half hour Monday to Saturday daytime.

The 1415 service 9 from Kingswood, and the 1455 service 9 from Paragon Interchange no longer operate Monday to Friday, leaving an hours gap in the combined 9/9a timetable in each direction, and a two hour gap in the 9 timetable. On the positive side an additional journey has been added on Saturday afternoons from Kingswood at 1545 on service 9a, filling an hour's gap in the combined timetable and providing a latter last service from Kingswood and North Point to Lambwath Road, on the 9a's unique section of route.

Saturday, 21 September 2019

Bricknell Estate Weekday Afternoon Changes

From Monday 2nd September, Stagecoach reduced service 3b between the Bricknell Estate and Hull Paragon Interchange Monday to Friday, by withdrawing the last journey in each direction. As a result the last weekday departure from Paragon Interchange is now at 1445 rather than 1545, and from Hartoft Road Shops on the Bricknell Estate at 1502 rather than 1602. (The 3b continues in operation for a further two hours on Saturdays).

Later weekday services from Paragon Interchange to the Bricknell Estate are however available on new Wilberforce College service 85, which appears to operate year round as opposed to just during college term times. The 85 departs Paragon Interchange at 1515 and 1645, and operates via Beverley Road and Cottingham Road as opposed to the 3b route via Chanterlands Avenue. The 85 also replaces previous college day service 86, which had a departure from Paragon Interchange for the Bricknell Estate at 1702.

Saturday, 14 September 2019

Hornsby Service 4 Changes

On Monday 10th June, Hornsby Travel altered the Monday to Friday timetable on their service 4 between Brigg, Broughton, Lakeside Retail Park, Ashby, Scunthorpe Bus Station and Foxhills Industrial Estate. The 'core' hourly daytime frequency was unaffected. Alongside some minor retimings,, the main points of note were:

From Brigg:
  • The 0625, 0705 and 0725 from Brigg to Foxhills Industrial Estate (serving Lakeside at 0646, 0726 and 0746) were replaced by a 0640 Lakeside to Foxhills, a 0650 Brigg to Foxhills (0710 from Lakeside) and an 0740 Lakeside to Foxhills. (The earlier 0450 from Brigg to Foxhills remains). Overall this reduces the morning peak service from Brigg and Broughton to Ashby, Scunthorpe and Foxhills by two journeys.
  • The 0745 from Brigg to Scunthorpe Bus Station now operates at 0730, and serves Town Hill and South View in Broughton; previously the first westbound services from these areas was the 0830 from Brigg to Scunthorpe.
  • The 1830 from Brigg to Scunthorpe Hospital terminates at Scunthorpe Bus Station.
  • The 1915 'direct' services from Brigg to the Hornsby Depot in Ashby now serves Lakeside Retail Park and extends to Scunthorpe Hospital via Scunthorpe Bus Station. This fills a gap in Brigg to Scunthorpe departures between 1830 and 2050.
  • There is a new 2305 'direct' service from Brigg to Ashby Hornsby Depot
To Brigg:
  • The 0605 from Ashby Hornsby Depot to Brigg, arrive 0623, via Broughton Red Lion at 0615 has been replaced by a 0630 Ashby Hornsby Depot to Brigg 'direct' service. The first service from Broughton Red Lion to Brigg is now at 0659, arrive 0710. (The 0430 Ashby Hornsby Depot to Brigg 'direct' service remains).
  • The 0655 and 0720 from Ashby Hornsby Depot to Brigg via Broughton have been withdrawn, alternative departures from Ashby are at 0645 or 0745.
  • The 0730 and 0830 from Scunthorpe Bus Station to Brigg now start at Foxhills Industrial Estate at 0715 and 0815 respectively; previously the only morning service from Foxhills was at 0610

Sunday, 8 September 2019

The 5, 12 and 13

From Monday 10th June, Hornsby Travel withdrew their service 5 between Scunthorpe Bus Station, Lloyds Avenue, Glanville Avenue, Devonshire Road, Priory Lane, Ashby High Street, Bottesford Road, Bottesford Lane, Timberland and Lakeside Retail Park. It had operated Monday to Friday daytimes with departures from Scunthorpe Bus Station between 0740 and 1740, and from Lakeside between 0810 and 1710. The 5 was known as the 22 until last year's launch of simplibus in Scunthorpe, and started in the mid-00's to fill gaps following Stagecoach network revisions. For over 10 years Hornsby provided a half hourly Monday to Saturday daytime service, and briefly Stagecoach did the same not long after the 22 was introduced. However in recent years the service has clearly been struggling. First the Saturday afternoon service went to hourly, then the Saturday morning did likewise service in April 2016. In February 2017 the Saturday service went entirely, replaced by a diversion of service 4 between Ashby and Lakeside and then in October 2017 the weekday service was cut to hourly.

The section of route along Lloyds Avenue, Glanville Avenue, Devonshire Road and Priory Lane has not been replaced. Before the 22 (as was) started, I recall what is now the 10 covered these areas briefly to provide a very basic 2 day a week service into Scunthorpe Bus Station, but not this time. Some passengers maybe able to walk to Ashby Road (services 3/4/6/100/103) or West Common Lane (services 2/3).

Between Ashby and Lakeside replacement comes in the form of new Hornsby service 13. The 13 follows the service 12 route between Scunthorpe Bus Station, Cemetery Road, Old Brumby Street, Alvingham Road, Collum Avenue and Ashby Town Centre before picking up the old 5 route to Lakeside. Service 13 operates every hour Monday to Friday, departing from Scunthorpe Bus Station between 0745 and 1745, and from Lakeside between 0815 and 1715. It is therefore a near like-for-like replacement on this section in terms of access to Scunthorpe and Ashby Town Centres, although easy weekday access to the The Pods Leisure Centre, North Lindsey College and John Leggott College has been lost. Passengers in the Cemetery Road, Old Brumby Street, Alvingham Road, Collum Avenue areas do gain a link to Lakeside however.

With the 13 however, comes a reduction to the Monday to Friday service 12, which goes from half hourly to hourly, co-ordinated with the 13 between Scunthorpe and Ashby to maintain a half hourly service on the common section of route. After the Ashby the 12 largely follows Stagecoach's service 1 route via Messingham Road, Angerstein Road, Spilsby Road and Enderby Road; the service 1 operates as a circular every 20 minutes in each direction so I'm not sure the reduction in the 12 is a big loss here. The 12 then continues to Ashfield Caravan Park/Asda, were all weekday journeys now terminate.

Before I go onto the big issue with the reduction the 12, the loss of the weekday extensions to Burringham and East Butterwick, the Saturday service 12 has been unaffected, continuing to operate hourly between Scunthorpe and Ashfield, along with some extra journeys into Scunthorpe and limited extensions to Burringham and East Butterwick.

Burringham and East Butterwick had previously been served Monday to Friday, and still are on Saturdays, by service 12 extensions beyond Ashfield departing East Butterwick at 0805, 0905 (Tue/Fri only), 1305 (Tue/Fri/Sat only) and 1705, departing Burringham at 0810, 0910, 1310 and 1710, and Scunthorpe Bus Station at 0815 (to Burringham only Mon/Wed/Thu/Sat), 1215 (to Burringham only Mon/Wed/Thu), 1615 and on request only at 1715. This provided a commuter service 6 days a week and a 'shopping' service for Burringham 6 days a week and East Butterwick 3 days a week.

Since 10th June the only weekday service for East Butterwick has been the demand responsive CallConnect, and until Friday (6th September), likewise for Burringham. Hornsby Travel issued this statement to the Scunthorpe Telegraph:
"When the service was cancelled, a spokesman for Hornsby Travel said: "The service is a commercial service from Scunthorpe to the Ashfield Caravan Park at Asda with extensions to Burringham and East Butterwick, subsidised by North Lincolnshire Council. "The passengers from Burringham and East Butterwick have diminished over the years and it's now not viable to operate this service beyond Asda Monday to Friday, even with the subsidy from North Lincolnshire Council. "We've had to make changes across our network this year to make the company in a viable position in these hard times of low passenger usage across North Lincolnshire."
On Friday, the North Lincolnshire Council funded, Stagecoach operated, service 10 between Parklands Caravan Site and Scunthorpe Bus Station was extended on Fridays only to serve Burringham, departing the village at 0930 and 1230, and Scunthorpe Bus Station at 1200. Whilst it would cost, further improvements to the situation could be made by extending the Tuesday and Thursday service 10 to Burringham, and also on all three days the 10 operates, extending to East Butterwick. Combined with the Saturday 12, an extended 10 could provide East Butterwick and Burringham with a basic link to Scunthorpe three days a week and Ashby two days a week (the Thursday 10 operates to Ashby rather than Scunthorpe). Although irregular daytime extensions may no longer fit into the 12 timetable, peak time services could still be extended to/from East Butterwick and Burringham if money was available to fund them.

Now for the really disappointing element to this story. You might think, and I certainly do, that this would be a really good time to promote the Saturday service 12 extensions to Burringham and East Butterwick? Burringham and East Butterwick have seen a massive cutback, but haven't lost their scheduled bus services entirely. However the Saturday 12 extensions seem to have been forgotten about. Take this Scunthorpe Telegraph article for example from June:
"The cancellation of a bus route serving two North Lincolnshire villages has left residents worried that they will become isolated. Operator Hornsby Travel stopped running the number 12 service to Burringham and East Butterwick from Monday, June 10 due to low usage, saying the route is no longer commercially viable. "
"Burringham and Gunness ward councillor Josh Walshe said: "We received notice shortly after the local elections that Hornsby's were giving their notice on the Burringham bus route, which meant the service stopped on Monday."

"Residents expressed their worries during a meeting at Burringham Village Hall, just down the road from the now unused bus stop."
Inaccurate reporting, uninformed councillor? Yes, but the story contains a picture of the councillor standing next to a bus stop in Burringham with a formal North Lincolnshire Council notice stating "Please note that service 12 will not be serving Burringham from Monday 10th June". And the council website still states "Service 12 – terminates at Ashfield Caravan Park, it will no longer service Burringham or East Butterwick". So the inaccuracies even extend to the public transport department at North Lincolnshire Council! I'd rather not do conspiracy theories, but is there an attempt to 'kill off' the Saturday 12 extensions to Burringham and East Butterwick?

In an article this week about the 10 now serving Burringham on a Friday the it's perhaps not surprising this Burringham resident is unaware the village does have services two days a week now:
"Resident Ruth Hammerton said: "Having a bus service one morning a week isn't fit for purpose. I think it's a lot to hope for to get a regular service but even two days would help. "We could plan our days and appointments. But without the bus, you have to make an appointment and hope the Call Connect bus is free. It's such a hassle"."
At least one resident is aware of the Saturday service however:
"But resident Doreen Fletcher said: "We need a service that lets you do several journeys a day, two days a week if possible. "It's been chaotic without it. We can only get into town using the Call Connect service, which doesn't always stop where you want it to, or a Saturday service which no one seems to know about because it isn't advertised. "Two hours once a week isn't enough to do all of the shopping and doctor's appointments you want to do.""
That is the first time I've seen any direct acknowledgment of the Saturday service. These quotes also highlight how CallConnect isn't the perfect answer for bus services in rural areas. Hopefully further improvements for Burringham and East Butterwick will be forthcoming, and more promotion of the Saturday service!

Sunday, 25 August 2019

35 and 90 Co-ordinated on Weekdays

Back on Monday 10th June, Hornsby Travel operated, North Lincolnshire Council subsidised, services 35 and 90 were amended on weekdays only. The 35 links Scunthorpe Bus Station with Tesco, Gunness, Althorpe Station, Keadby and Amcotts, while the 90 links Scunthorpe Bus Station with Tesco, Gunness, Althorpe Station, Ealand and Crowle.

The 35 had operated hourly from Scunthorpe Bus Station daytimes off peak to Keadby Primary School, with five journeys then serving the Queens Crescent area of Keadby and four serving Amcotts. In the return direction from Keadby Primary School back to Scunthorpe the frequency was every 50 to 70 minutes. The 90 had provided a service every 2 hours daytime off peak, more frequently at peak times.

With the new weekday timetable, apart from some peaktime variations, the 35 and 90 have a common route between Scunthorpe Bus Station and Keadby Queens Crescent, serving Scunthorpe Hospital (Cliff Gardens), which was previously served by the 90 but not the 35. Off peak they each operate two hourly, giving an hourly frequency from Scunthorpe Bus Station to Keadby Queens Crescent and a service every 50 to 70 minutes in the opposite direction. All service 35 journeys serve Amcotts. The 90 continues to operate at peak times, but as with the previous timetable the 35 does not (East Yorkshire service 360 covers Amcotts at these times).

The new timetable means there are slightly less buses between Scunthorpe, Gunness and Althorpe Station, though I'm not sure this is a particular issue with the co-ordinated 35/90 timetable and the 399 also being available on this section. The Queens Crescent area of Keadby benefits substantially, going from five to nine journeys to Tesco and Scunthorpe Bus Station and gaining new links to Scunthorpe Hospital. Amcotts also gains, going from four to five journeys to Tesco and Scunthorpe Bus Station, and likewise gaining new links to Scunthorpe Hospital. Crowle and Ealand maintain the same number of journeys on the revised service 90, but with slightly longer journey times to accommodate the Queens Crescent diversion in Keadby; off peak journey times from Scunthorpe Bus Station increase by seven minutes.

Co-ordination between the 90 and East Yorkshire operated service 361 between Scunthorpe and Crowle has been compromised however. Previously the 90 had departed Scunthorpe Bus Station off peak at 0840, 1030, 1230 and 1430, with the 361 departing at 0930, 1130 and 1330, giving a co-ordinated hourly service. Now the 90 operates at 0820, 1000, 1200 and 1400. From Crowle the 90 had previously departed Cranidge Close at 0909, 1109, 1309, 1509 and 1650 off peak, with the 361 leaving Crowle at 1015, 1215, 1415 and 1615; combined there was an almost hourly interval service. Now the 90 departs Crowle off peak at 0850, 1045, 1245, 1445 and 1645.

Both the new weekday timetable and the old weekday timetable appear to require two vehicles. The new weekday timetable seems to be a way to give a much improved service to Queens Crescent in Keadby, and to a lesser extent, Amcotts, without needing a second vehicle on service 35. This comes at the expense of Ealand and Crowle passengers. As with many service changes, positives and negatives.

Saturday services on the 35 and 90 remain unchanged, so the 35 now joins the 90 in having both a different route and timetable on Saturdays. Apart from the first morning service not operating, the Saturday 35 timetable is the old weekday 35 timetable, so not serving Scunthorpe Hospital and then serving either Keadby Queens Crescent or Amcotts, but not both. The 90 continues to have five Saturday journeys, serving Scunthorpe Hospital (Church Lane) unlike on weekdays to cover gaps in service 9, and with one journey extending beyond Crowle to Luddington.

Friday, 26 July 2019

Hornsby 9 Off Peak frequency reduced

Hornsby Travel reduced the weekday off peak frequency of their service 9 between Scunthorpe Bus Station and Scunthorpe Hospital from Monday 10th June. The route started as a frequent link between Scunthorpe Bus Station and all parts of the hospital site, as opposed to just Cliff Gardens or Church Lane, which are served by other services, but also now 'doubles up' as a hospital park and ride route, based on using Scunthorpe Town Centre car parks. Previously the 9 had operated every 20 minutes from Scunthorpe Bus Station between 0700 and 1840 on weekdays, but between 0900 and 1600 the frequency has been reduced to every 30 minutes. The limited Saturday service was unchanged.

Sunday, 21 July 2019

Direct Scawby to Scunthorpe daytime service restored

From Monday 10th June, the direct Scawby to Scunthorpe link on weekday daytimes was restored, 11 months after being altered to require passengers to travel via Brigg. Four journeys each way on Hornsby's X4 fast service between Brigg and Scunthorpe have been diverted via the village, with no increase in journey times; these are the 0820 from Kirmington to Scunthorpe, 1100, 1300 and 1500 Brigg to Scunthorpe, and also the 0900, 1100, 1300 and 1500 Scunthorpe to Brigg.  This change also increases the number of Scawby to Brigg services on weekday daytimes alongside service 94.

Direct services between Scawby and Scunthorpe service are also provided on college days by Hornsby 640 and 2 Way Transport 642, both of which serve Scunthorpe Bus Station as well as the town's colleges, and from Scunthorpe to Scawby on Hornsby service 4 on weekdays at 1730, 2010 and 2225. The only Saturday direct services between Scawby and Scunthorpe are provided by the 1900 Brigg to Scunthorpe service 4 and 2000 return.

Sunday, 14 July 2019

A convoluted mess

The 254 Barton Town Bus Service has gone through a few timetable and route changes over the 20 or so years it has operated. Back in September 2002 for example (the earliest timetable I have for the service), the Caistor Road Estate, Bowmandale/Tofts Road, Westfield Road and Dam Road/Far Ings Road all had an hourly service Tuesday, Thursday and Friday mornings/lunchtime to Barton Market Place and Proudfoots Supermarket (now Tesco). Fast forward to January 2006 and the even interval hourly frequency has gone; I believe to incorporate a driver rest break. In July 2008 the service moved to operate on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. I don't have a timetable for it, but I'm sure at one point a fifth part of Barton was briefly included - East Acridge.

The 254 was revised again on Wednesday 8th May, the first major change for over 10 years to be fair. Until recently Barton's Library has been located in Providence House on Holydyke in the town centre, opposite the Fire Station. North Lincolnshire Council have however moved it to the Baysgarth Leisure Centre, on the edge of the town, on the basis that it can have longer opening times and can be co-located with the swimming pool, leisure centre, and relocated services from the Tofts Road Day Centre (or Community Wellbeing Centre as I think it's been known as for the past few years). There are 'pros' and 'cons' to this move, but it means that it is no longer possible to visit the Library whilst in the town centre.  As a result the Barton Town Service has been revised to include the Leisure Centre.

The end result is sadly a very messy and convoluted timetable, with five different routes for seven journeys. The 254 still operates Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings and lunchtimes (now finishes at 1313 rather than 1254). I'm not going to attempt to describe all the details of the changes, but some key points:
  • The Dam Road/Far Ings Road area is no longer served at all (the 260 does serve Victoria House located just off Dam Road on Thursdays)
  • The Westfield Road/West Acridge area goes from two to three journeys, but anyone wanting to travel from Tesco to this area needs to go via the Market Place, Tofts Road, Bowmandale, the Market Place again, the Caistor Road Estate, Baysgarth Leisure Centre and the Market Place for a 3rd time!
  • All journeys from the Tofts Road/Bowmandale area to Tesco involve going through Barton Market Place twice
  • Most journeys from Tesco to the Caistor Road Estate involve two trips via the Market Place and a trip around Tofts Road and Bowmandale
  • Journeys from Baysgarth Leisure Centre to Tofts Road and Meadow Drive involve going via the Market Place, possibly West Acridge, Tesco and the Market Place again
  • All journeys now serve Barton Interchange
I have some sympathy here in that the bus service is having to adapt to serving a new edge of town location within existing resource, whilst still serving the Town Centre and Tesco. However does it need to be quite this complicated? I can think of two alternative options to run the service:
  • Run it as one route: Tesco-West Acrridge-Tofts Road-Leisure Centre-Bowmandale-Market Place-Caistor Road Estate - simple, but doesn't serve the High Street and a long route from the Caistor Road Estate to/from Tesco
  • Run it as two routes: Tesco-High Street-Market Place-Bowmandale-Leisure Centre-Tofts Road, and Tesco-West Acridge-Leisure Centre-Market Place-Caistor Road Estate
The 254 Barton Town Service is operated by Hornsby Travel and funded jointly by Barton Town Council and North Lincolnshire Council.

Monday, 24 June 2019

Brough/Melton/Ferriby Rail Station – Optimisation Study

On Friday (28th June), the Humber LEP's Investment and Regulation Board meets, and agenda item 8 is the following:

Brough/Melton/Ferriby Rail Station – Optimisation Study (Confidential for members of the Board only)

No further details are available due to the confidential nature of the study, but it would seem that a review of the location of Brough and Ferriby stations has taken place, as well as consideration of the possibility of a new or reopened station at Melton, in between Brough and Ferriby.

Both Brough and Ferriby stations are located in residential areas, with Brough Station also close to the BAe site. Residential development is taking place east of the current Brough station. Any new station at Melton would be in a predominately industrial area with easy access to the A63, and be far better located than Brough to act as a regional parkway station; Brough currently 'doubles up' as the local station for Brough and Elloughton and as a parkway station for the wider area.

Sunday, 23 June 2019

Interconnect 51 to Mablethorpe

Back on Monday 29th April, Stagecoach extended their Interconnect 51 service from Grimsby to Louth onwards to Mablethorpe, replacing Interconnect service 59 between Louth and Mablethorpe. Interconnect 59 now operates between Skegness and Mablethorpe only as opposed to between Skegness, Mablethorpe and Louth. Good news for anyone travelling 'across Louth', less good news for those wanting to travel 'across' Mablethorpe. In Mablethorpe, both the 51 and 59 will serve the Golden Sands Holiday Park and Seal Sanctuary, as well as the town centre; the 59 previously just served the town centre.

Prior to being linked to the Mablethorpe-Skegness service, the Louth-Mablethorpe service formed part of service 10 from Lincoln to Louth then onwards to Mablethorpe.

The 51 will continue to operate mostly hourly, Monday to Saturday daytimes. The first journey from Grimsby to Louth is now at 0550 rather than 0630, and the last journey from Louth to Grimsby is at 1950 rather than 1930.

Saturday, 22 June 2019

Acklams 504A

Acklams Coaches amended interworked Monday to Friday Bridlington services 131 and 504 from Tuesday 7th May.

The biggest change is on service 504 from Bempton into Bridlington, where the 0930 from Bempton and 1200 return from Bridlington Bus Station now operate as service 504A, additionally serving Fortyfoot and St Annes Road in Bridlington. If the map on is correct, the 504A seems to operate down Fortyfoot to St Annes Road and then 'double backs' on itself to resume the main 504 route.

As a result the 1230 Bempton to Bridlington 504 now operates at 1238, and the 1320 131 from Carnaby Industrial Estate to Bridlington and back now operates at 1325.

Friday, 21 June 2019

Extra X21

East Yorkshire's annual 'fast' summer service X21 between Hull, Beverley, Bridlington, Filey and Scarborough has been enhanced for 2019. It is East Yorkshire's only through service from Hull and Beverley to Filey and Scarborough (otherwise connections are available at Bridlington). The rail service from Hull, Beverley and Bridlington to Filey and Scarborough was increased to hourly at the May rail timetable change, and from Hull to Bridlington there is also extra competition from Stagecoach's new 99 this year.

The usual daily 0915 from Hull Paragon Interchange and 1615 return from Scarborough remains, having started on 25th May, although ending on 1st September this year rather than 15th September as in 2018. However for 2019, a second journey each way, leaving both Hull and Scarborough an hour later (at 1015 and 1715), also operates on weekends and during school holidays (including bank holidays); again this runs from 25th May to 1st September.

At least one of the two round trips is being operated by a coach this year.

Sunday, 16 June 2019

Every 15 Minutes Barton to Hull

Back on Monday 29th April, Stagecoach made a significant enhancement to the section of the Humber Flyer between Hull, Barton and Humberside Airport, alongside some other changes to the full route between Hull, Barton, Humberside Airport, Grimsby and Cleethorpes.

The Humber Flyer now also has a route number - 250 - to go alongside it's name. Despite the 250 number having previously been used for services between Barton and Grimsby via Barrow, Ulceby and Immingham, there was no re-routing of the service and my speculation in this post was proved incorrect. I presume the number is to bring the service 'in line' with the 350 Humber Fastcat, with which it is now much more co-ordinated with between Hull and Barton, as detailed later on.

Almost all journeys between Hull and Cleethorpes have been retimed, the vast majority to operate 5 minutes later than previously to improve co-ordination with the 350, though some peak journeys have been retimed more substantially. The last three journeys from Hull to North East Lincolnshire now terminate in Grimsby, not Cleethorpes. This means the last service from Hull to Cleethorpes is now at 1555 rather than 1910, and from Grimsby to Cleethorpes via Clee Road is at 1732 rather than 2047. A small but disappointing change to the timetable.

In addition to the hourly Monday to Saturday daytime service between Hull and North East Lincolnshire, Stagecoach have added new Monday to Saturday hourly (with some variations) 'shorts' between Hull, Barton and Humberside Airport. Going by the timetable it would seem these are worked from Hull depot and require two vehicles. The 'shorts' are co-ordinated to give a half hourly service over this section of route, and then further co-ordinated to give an even interval Monday to Saturday daytime service of every 15 minutes between Hull and Barton when combined with the 350 Humber Fastcat. Barton had previously enjoyed three buses an hour to Hull, but they generally departed Barton Interchange at an 'uneven' 03, 10 and 33 minutes past the hour, and Hull Paragon Interchange at 10, 40 and 50 minutes past the hour; now it is 03, 18, 33 and 48 minutes past the hour from Barton Interchange and 10, 25, 40 and 55 minutes past the hour from Paragon Interchange.

Whilst the 'headline' beneficiaries of the enhancement are Barton and Humberside Airport, the improvements also benefit Boothferry Road and Anlaby Road on the North Bank, On the section of Boothferry Road between the Humber Bridge and Darleys Roundabout services have increased from four to five per hour (250, 350 & X55) and between Darleys Roundabout and the Hull City boundary from five to six per hour (155, 250, 350 & X55). Around the Humber Bridge/Boothferry Road roundabout there is significant housing development and the on going development of the Bridgehead Business Park.

Looking in more detail at the new 'shorts', the first additional 'short' of the morning runs between Hull and Barton only, and only on Mondays to Fridays, leaving Hull at 0645 and Barton Interchange at 0728, getting back into Paragon Interchange for 0800, nicely 'filling' the gap between the 0653 and 0743 350 departures from Barton that arrive in Hull at 0725 and 0825 respectively. In Barton this service adopts a one-way 'loop' serving the Market Place before the Interchange, something it would be good for the Saturday late evening 350 Hull to Barton shorts to do, to serve more of the town.

In the afternoon the 1325 'short' from Hull terminates at Barton Market Place on weekdays, and does not serve Barton Interchange. There is no return working so I am not sure why this occurs? On Saturdays the 1325 operates through to Humberside Airport as normal. The following 1425 from Humberside Airport, 1525 from Paragon Interchange and 1625 from Humberside Airport are all Saturday only as well, but the 'cycle' recommences on weekdays with the 1730 from Paragon Interchange to Humberside Airport.

These variations mean that the 250/Humber Flyer now has a different Monday to Friday and Saturday timetable; they were previously identical.

Looking more closely at the 250/350 co-ordination, whilst mostly it is perfect, it is not 100%. Most notably in the evening peak from Barton there are occurances of the 250 & 350 running at identical or near-identical times, each service having journeys leaving Barton Interchange at 1733, 1803 and 1833, followed by 1902 on the 350 and 1903 on the 250. In the morning from Hull, services leave at 0620, 0645, 0655, 0715, 0725, 0755 and 0825 before the even interval service starts. In the evening peak services depart at 1610, 1630, 1640 and 1700, and then after going 'even interval' again, depart at 1745, 1810, 1825 and 1910.

Stagecoach have supported these enhancements with a 'bespoke' timetable leaflet delivered to homes in Barton that shows a consolidated timetable for all services (250 & 350) between Humberside Airport, Barton and Hull, plus times for Cleethorpes and Grimsby on the 250. The leaflet also includes a brief selection of tickets (duo, dayout and Humber Megarider). Both the Humber Flyer and Fastcat leaflets also include a slightly different consolidated timetable, just covering Barton to Hull - the Humber Fastcat timetable having been reissued just to include this as the 350 timetable itself has not been amended.

As a Bartonian, these improvements are a 'step change' in buses to and from Hull, at least during Monday to Saturday daytimes. I very much applaud how Stagecoach have developed services, it is worth noting that until March 23rd 2009 (when the 350 gained Humber Fastcat branding and went from hourly to half hourly), the Barton to Hull frequency was just hourly. Services have been quadrupled in just over ten years. I really hope these latest improvements are a success. However there are unfortunately three not so positive points that come to mind.

Firstly the fares; Stagecoach are charging £5 Barton to Hull single and £9 return. Sadly this just isn't competitive with the car for 'one-off' journeys. On Friday I went into Hull for the morning and used Park and Ride - £2.70 both ways bridge toll with a tag, £3 Park and Ride fare and a bit of petrol/car wear & tear - it's about two thirds of the price of a return from Barton to Hull, and I don't have to walk 15 minute between my house and the nearest bus stop on the 250/350 route in Barton. It maybe that the high return fares are helping drive profits and helping to make the business case for investment, but they do make the bus uncompetitive with the car for trips like mine. The Humber megarider at £27 remains an attractively priced weekly ticket however - £5.40 per day if used 5 days a week, and £6.75 if used 4 days a week.

Secondly the doubling between Barton and Humberside Airport is a bit surprising to me. The section of route has no intermediate stops apart from at Barnetby Top and features seven miles of non-stop dual carriageway running from Barton to Barnetby Top followed by another two or three miles non-stop to the airport. Even allowing for the on-site business park, the airport sadly isn't that big and I would have thought the existing hourly service would suffice. There are no earlier journeys possible with the airport 'shorts', and the only later journey offered is at 1840 rather than 1810 from the airport to Hull.

An alternative option maybe to send the 'shorts' to the village of Barrrow, population 3022 in 2011, instead - and maybe even beyond to other neighbouring villages. However, in what I guess is a good example of how bus planning is not always straightforward, there are a few potential issues. An extension to Barrow, and possibly beyond, would add at least one extra route number to the Hull-Barton corridor, and in Barton to retain a consistent route for all Hull services in the town would require a convoluted route - from Whitecross Street, through the Market Place, Brigg Road, Preston Lane and back to Whitecross Street. If just extended to Barrow, the viability of the Stagecoach operated 260 and 450 tendered services maybe seriously impacted, which could be another factor to consider.

Finally, the Stagecoach website. The Humber Flyer improvements were logically posted on the Hull and Grimsby Service Updates pages. Put Barton in as your location and you are directed to the Scunthorpe information which didn't mention the changes. Logical if the Scunthorpe information is meant to be for Scunthorpe only, but not when it is also meant to include Barton. I'm sure I have mentioned this before, but either Barton needs it's own bespoke information, or the Hull, Grimsby or Scunthorpe information needs to include all Barton services. A similar occurrence happens for Barrow, which directs to Grimsby information, but the 260 is run by Scunthorpe depot so never gets mentioned; at Christmas the service updates for Grimsby therefore never included the 260 operating to a normal weekday timetable between Christmas and New Year rather than Stagecoach's standard Saturday operation.

Sunday, 9 June 2019

Service 16 slightly reduced

As part of Stagecoach's service changes in April, service 16 in Hull was slightly cutback on college days from Monday 29th April, but largely 'mitigated' in the form of service 86. The 16 runs hourly (with longer gaps at peak times) Monday to Saturday between Paragon Interchange, Victoria Dock and the Preston Road Estate, whilst the 86 is a college day service between the Bricknell Estate, Paragon Interchange, Victoria Dock, the Preston Road Estate and Wilberforce College.

In the morning the 0840 service 16 departure from Paragon Interchange no longer runs on College Days, leaving a gap between 0720 and 0940. As a partial alternative, service 86 departs Paragon Interchange at 0755 serving Victoria Dock, Ellis Street, Newbridge Road, Southcoates Lane, Bilsdale Grove and St John's Grove from the service 16 route before routing to Wilberforce College via Marfleet Lane and Staveley Road. The only parts of the 16 route not served by the 86 are the Siemens Factory and part of Preston Road that is also covered by frequent service 3.

In the afternoon the College Day 1540 service 16 from Paragon Interchange to the Preston Road Estate is directly replaced by a 1540 service 86 from Paragon Interchange to Wilberforce College, whilst the 1609 return from Archbishop Sentamu Academy on Preston Road is replaced by the 1620 86 from Wilberforce College. This 86 journey also provides a useful later last service from Paragon Interchange to the Bricknell Estate, leaving the Interchange at 1702; the last weekday service otherwise being the 1545 3b.

The 86 is also an interesting route in that it runs from the Bricknell Estate, home of one of Hull's two specialist sixth form colleges, Wyke, to Hull's other specialist sixth form college, Wilberforce. I wonder how many students Wilberforce can attract from 'in front' of Wyke's 'front door'?

Sunday, 19 May 2019

u5 cutback

Back on Sunday 28th April, Stagecoach made some revisions to service 5 and associated Monday to Saturday evening only variation u5 between Hull City Centre, Orchard Park and Kingswood. Mostly these were fairly small timing changes, but the evening service Monday to Saturday has seen bigger changes.

The u5 has been cutback in two ways; firstly the extensions to/from Hull Old Town (Market Place) are withdrawn (although the solitary service 5 that starts from the Market Place at 2320 remains), with the u5 using Paragon Interchange as it's City Centre starting point and terminus instead. Secondly the Saturday late evening service has been withdrawn, and therefore as on weekdays the u5 only operates in the early evening. The 5 and u5 have 'swapped' departure times from Kingswood Monday to Saturday, meaning the u5 now operates between 1830 and 2030 from Kingswood Retail Park and from Paragon Interchange between 1910 and 2040. As a result of the late evening u5 withdrawal, the Saturday 5/u5 combined frequency drops from every 15 minutes to half hourly from 2045 leaving Kingswood Retail Park and from 2055 leaving Paragon Interchange. Following the 5/u5 swapping departure times the last service 5 from Kingswood Retail Park is now at 2315 rather than 2300 Monday to Friday, but on Saturdays is now at 2315 rather than 2330.

Monday, 22 April 2019

Evolving in Kingswood

Stagecoach are making changes to their services in the growing Kingswood estate in North Hull from next Sunday, 28th April.

Monday to Saturday daytimes the main services to the residential parts of Kingswood are currently the 6 and 9/9a, which operate as 'cross Kingswood' circulars. Each service operates half hourly. The 6 operates a direct service from Paragon Interchange via Beverley Road and Kingswood Leisure and Retail Parks to Kingswood Health Centre, whilst the 9/9a runs from Paragon Interchange via Garden Village, Leads Road, Bransholme North Point Shopping Centre, Honiton Road, Wawne Road and Kingsbury Way to Kingswood Health Centre.

With the revised network, the 6 continues to operate half hourly as a 'cross Kingswood' circular, but now 'partnered' with service 7 instead. The 6 continues to operate to Kingswood Health Centre then picks up the current 9/9a route via Grosvenor Road and Richmond Lane before using the new Pioneer Way to Wawne Road, which becomes the official terminus for service 6. Half hourly service 7 currently operates between Paragon Interchange and Kingswood Retail Park via Beverley Road, Sutton Park, North Point, Bude Road and Bodmin Road, but after Bodmin Road with the network revision will instead run to Wawne Road/Pioneer Way via Pennine Way in North Bransholme; it continues to operate every half hour. This provides new links from North Bransholme to Kingswood and Beverley Road, but does extend journey times between Sutton Park and Kingswood Retail Park (Bodmin Road has the 11 for direct journeys).

Service 9/9a becomes a 'stand-alone' service (from a customer point of view at least). It will no longer serve Grosvenor Road - replaced by the 6 and saving a minute of journey time - and extends from Kingswood Health Centre to Kingswood Retail Park covering the loss of the through link currently provided by operating as a circular with service 6. Otherwise it remains half hourly Monday to Saturday daytimes. This change removes two buses an hour from Kingsbury Way to Hull City Centre, and the links to both Kingswood Leisure Park and Beverley Road that are provided by the 'circular' working with service 6. However overall the changes provide an extra two services per hour from Runnymede Way, Runnymede Lane (both between Kingswood Retail Park and Health Centre), Kingswood Health Centre and Richmond Lane to both Hull City Centre and North Point, in addition to providing services along the new Pioneer Way whilst still serving Kingsbury Way.

Evenings and Sundays, service 8a currently serves most residential areas of Kingswood. It operates from Paragon Interchange via Beverley Road, Sutton Park, North Point, Honiton Road, Wawne Road, Kingsbury Way, Richmond Lane, Grosvenor Road and Kingswood Health Centre to Kingswood Retail Park; the frequency is half hourly Monday to Saturday evenings and Sunday daytimes, reducing to hourly on Sunday evenings.

Service 7a takes over most of this function from Sunday, operating at the same frequency as the 8a, and following the entirety of the main service 7 route from Paragon Interchange to Wawne Road/Pioneer Way before routing via the service 6 route to terminate at Kingwood Retail Park. I'm not sure why the 'a' suffix is needed for a route extension (as opposed to an en-route variation)? Compared to the 8a, Honiton Road and the section of Wawne Road between Honiton Road and the northern end of Noddle Hill Way become unserved evening and Sundays, as the 7a will be following the main service 7 route via Bodmin Road (though the 7a, unlike the 7, has no Bodmin Road timing point). The 7a will also omit Kingsbury Way in order to serve Pioneer Way, but this will be covered by the 10a instead. One advantage of the 7a over the 8a is the provision of evening and Sunday links from North Bransholme to Beverley Road.

Service 10a presently operates evenings and Sundays as a minor diversion to the main service 10 route between Paragon Interchange, North Point, Bodmin Road, North Bransholme and on some journeys Wawne Village, to serve Kingswood Retail Park. However from Sunday the 10a variation will run between Kingswood Retail Park and North Bransholme via Runnymede Way, Runnymede Lane, Richmond Lane (but not Kingswood Health Centre) and Kingsbury Way. The frequency between Paragon Interchange and North Bransholme remains half hourly Monday to Saturday evenings and Sunday daytimes, reducing to hourly on Sunday evenings; Sunday daytimes hourly services extend to Wawne, as do daily late evening services. The 10a's route change doubles evening and Sunday provision for Runnymede Lane and Richmond Lane.

On the main service 10, weekday peak frequencies reduce inbound to Hull City Centre on weekday mornings from 'frequent intervals' to every 15 minutes, and outbound late afternoon from every 12 to every 15 minutes. The first two Saturday morning departures from North Bransholme gain the weekday early morning diversion via Hull Royal Infirmary and Smith & Nephew.

Sunday, 21 April 2019

Replacing the 13

On Sunday 28th April, Stagecoach are revising many of their Hull services, and the changes include the withdrawal of service 13 between Hull Paragon Interchange, Holderness Road, Saltshouse Road, Spring Cottage, Bransholme North Point Shopping Centre, Sutton Park and Orchard Park. The service operates daily daytimes half hourly between Paragon Interchange and North Point, extending to Orchard Park Monday to Friday only. Monday to Saturday hourly off peak services operate as service 13a, serving the eastern part of Howdale Road as opposed to Dunvegan Road on the main 13 route in Spring Cottage, and also Kestrel Avenue and Noddle Hill Way instead off the westernmost part of Howdale Road. 

Monday to Saturday at least though withdrawal is only technically true. Between Paragon Interchange and North Point the 13 and 13a are replaced by the 8 and 8a, and between North Point and Orchard Park service 3 provides a replacement, but with reduced operating hours.

Service 8 currently principally operates between Paragon Interchange and North Point via Beverley Road and Sutton Park half hourly Monday to Saturday daytimes, serving as 'short' workings of the 7 between Paragon Interchange and Kingswood Retail Park. Occasional journeys from North Point start on Wawne Road or in Kingswood, and these extensions will be covered by service 7 from next Sunday. Revised service 8 continues to operate half hourly Monday to Saturday daytimes between Paragon Interchange, Beverley Road, Sutton Park and North Point, and continues to provides a 15 minute frequency over this section along with service 7. The morning peak variation 8x continues as well, via Clough Road and Sutton Fields Industrial Estate, as does the diversion of the first four weekday inbound services from North Point (0455, 0525, 0555 and 0625 departures) via Hull Royal Infirmary and Smith & Nephew - this is now extended to cover the first two Saturday inbound services as well (0555 and 0625 from North Point).

The major change to the 8 however is that it will operate as a circular - at North Point most services will continue to or start from Paragon Interchange via the old service 13 route, creating through links between Beverley Road and Spring Cottage, Saltshouse Road and Holderness Road, as well as new Saturday through services from Sutton Park to these areas. The 'a' variation remains in East Hull, but between Kestrel Avenue and North Point will now route via Biggin Avenue, currently unserved, rather than the section of Wawne Road between the southern end of Noddle Hill Way and Barnstaple Road, which now becomes unserved Monday to Saturday daytime. The first departure from North Point via Salthouse Road Monday to Friday will be at 0707 compared to 0732 on the 13, but the last departure at 1737 as opposed to 1800. The last 'a' variation departure from Paragon Interchange will be at 1400 Monday to Saturday as opposed to 1455 on the 13a, and from North Point at 1437 as opposed to 1530 Monday to Friday with the 13a. On college days one morning service from North Point to Paragon Interchange via Saltshouse Road is dropped, as is one afternoon complete anti-clockwise circular from Paragon Interchange via Saltshouse Road and North Point, but these are largely covered by Wilberforce College service 83.

On service 3, which Monday to Friday daytimes operates every 10 minutes between Greatfield, Paragon Interchange and Orchard Park, two services per hour will omit Orchard Park Tesco in order to extend to North Point via the service 13 route along Ellerburn Avenue, Greenwood Avenue, Sutton Road, Sutton Park and Cheltenham Avenue. This change removes the link from North Point and Sutton Park to Orchard Park Tesco, which the 13 currently uses as it’s Orchard Park terminus, and also the through link from Orchard Park to Spring Cottage and Saltshouse Road. At present departures from North Point to Orchard Park on the 13 are provided between 0747 and 1751, and from Orchard Park to North Point between 0710 and 1738, but on service 3 this will be limited to departures from North Point between 1015 and 1515, and from Orchard Park at 0709 and then between 0939 and 1439, a significant reduction in service. Alternatives involve changing either at Kingswood Retail Park or on Beverley Road.

Elsewhere on service 3 there are Monday to Friday early morning enhancements with a new 0430 from Greatfield to Paragon Interchange, first service currently 0500, and a new 0645 from Paragon Interchange to Orchard Park and North Point, filling a gap in departures from Paragon Interchange to Orchard Park between 0630 and 0700. There is a new 1830 from Greatfield to Paragon Interchange Monday to Saturday, filling a gap between 1815 and 1845. Evening variation 3a now starts with the 1830 rather than 1800 from Orchard Park Monday to Saturday, which is logical as the 1800 largely duplicated the penultimate departure from Paragon Interchange on service 14, which the 3a variation otherwise replaces in the evening.

Returning to replacing service 13, and the Sunday replacement is a diversion to service 11 between Paragon Interchange, North Point and Kingswood, the new 11a. At present the Sunday daytime 13 combines with the 11 to provide four services per hour, fairly well spaced, between Paragon Interchange, Spring Cottage and North Point. This is reduced to just the 11a every half hour with this service revision, which sees a diversion away from the eastern part of Bellfield Avenue to cover Saltshouse Road, and then serve otherwise unserved Middlesex Road. The positive from the 11a is that it will also operate daily evenings, providing a new evening service for Salthouse Road and Middlesex Road.

The only other notable change to service 11 are that like the 8, the first two inbound Saturday services from North Point will follow the diversion via Hull Royal Infirmary and Smith & Nephew. Compared to the old service 11 evening provision, the Monday to Friday 11a will have an extra departure from Kingswood at 2305, whilst the penultimate Monday to Saturday departure from Paragon Interchange at 11a will not serve Lowgate in Hull Old Town as the 11 2300 does, but the 2330 departure will continue to do so.

Saturday, 13 April 2019

Hawthorn Avenue in Hull regains a bus service

From Tuesday 23rd April, East Yorkshire service 51 in West Hull, which routes between the Paragon Interchange in Hull City Centre and Sibelius Road, will have a route and timetable change. The 51 is operated under contract to Hull City Council, and operates every 90 minutes Monday to Saturday daytime.

Between Hessle Road and Fiveways the 51 is being re-routed via Hawthorn Avenue and Boothferry Road, as opposed to Askew Avenue. Askew Avenue is also served by the Priory Park Park and Ride operating limited stop into Hull City Centre every 15 minutes Monday to Saturday daytimes, reducing to half hourly in the peaks. Since the re-routing of the Park and Ride via Askew Avenue in 2017, the 51 hasn't been needed for travel from Askew Avenue into Hull City Centre or to Hull Royal Infirmary. On the other hand Hawthorn Avenue has been without a service since the 1D was withdrawn in October 2016, so the 51 is a welcome reinstatement of bus services for the road.

The timetable change are fairly minor, partially reflecting the new route is slightly longer and also revising the peak-time timetable. Most notably the Monday to Friday morning peak service from Sibelius Road will depart at 0755 rather than 0805, and the last bus Monday to Saturday from Paragon Interchange will be at 1750 rather than 1735

Friday, 12 April 2019

Route Change in Beverley's Swinemoor Estate

After Easter there will be changes to the route of East Yorkshire's Beverley Town Services 520 and 521 in the Swinemoor Estate. From Tuesday 23rd April between Burden Road and Sigston Road the services will use Springfield Drive rather than Wickwane Road. As a result less of Burden Road and more of Sigston Road will be served. The 520 and 521 are hourly Monday to Saturday one way circular services, combining to operate half hourly over part of their routes, including this section.

Sunday, 31 March 2019

Stagecoach 99 Hull to Bridlington

As expected, Stagecoach have won the Bridlington Park and Ride contract; they have a five year deal (2019 to 2023 inclusive) with East Riding of Yorkshire Council to provide the service, which operates for 2019 between 6th April and 3rd November.

At the same time, Stagecoach are introducing service 99 between Hull and Bridlington. The service operates direct between Hull Paragon Interchange and Bridlington via the A165, serving stops along Holderness Road, and in the villages of Skirlaugh and Beeford en-route. In Bridlington the Park and Ride site is served before most services run into Bridlington Bus Station. The 99 operates on the same dates as the Bridlington Park and Ride and has between three and five journeys each way, leaving Hull Interchange at 0745, 0815 (certain dates only) 0945, 1045 and 1645 (certain dates only), and returning from Bridlington at 1315, 1715 and 1845 from the Bus Station, plus 1825 and 2110 from the Park and Ride site on certain dates only.

The 99 would appear to be vehicle and driver positioning/changeover journeys run in service, with a little bit of extra mileage to serve Paragon Interchange and Bridlington Bus Station than would otherwise be needed if run out of service, or in service by the most direct route possible. However despite the apparent reason for it's existence being 'logistical', the 99 may still be off use to Bridlington daytrippers and for that reason it makes sense for Stagecoach to try what they are doing with the 99. It will provide some competition for East Yorkshire's 121 between Hull and Bridlington, although both services use entirely different routes between Paragon Interchange and Bridlington, and also for East Yorkshire's tendered 136 between Beeford and Bridlington.

Thursday, 21 March 2019

Humber Flyer/250

I don't post many VOSA registrations these days, but here is a rare exception - a variation to the HF2, the section of Stagecoach's Humber Flyer between Hull, Barton and Humberside Airport:

Registration number: PB0001484/262                                
Licence Number: PB0001484                                
Variation number: 9                                
Status: Registered                                
Service number: HU_HF2, 250                                
Service type: Normal Stopping                                
Start point: Hull Interchange                                
Finish point: Humberside Airport                                
Date received: 16 Mar 2019                                
Effective date: 28 Apr 2019                                
End date:
Supported by subsidies?: No                                
Local authorities covered by route: East Riding of Yorkshire Council, Kingston upon Hull, North Lincolnshire Council                                
TAOs covered by route: North East of England

Note the service number now includes the 250. The 250 hasn't run for a few years, but was used for much of the 2000's and early 2010's for Barton to Grimsby services via Barrow, Thornton Curtis, Wootton, Ulceby and Immingham. Currently the 'corridor' is served by the subsidised 450 between Barton and Immingham. Last year North Lincolnshire Council wanted to divert the Humber Flyer to include Barrow, Thornton Curtis, Wootton and Ulceby. Then more recently North Lincolnshire Council have proposed cutting the service to Thornton Curtis, Wootton and Ulceby to two days a week.

Maybe I'm putting two and two together and getting five, but is there going to be some sort of integration between the Humber Flyer and the Barton to Ulceby 'corridor'? There doesn't seem to be a long term future for the 450 between Barton and Immingham at the moment, in it's current form at least.

Monday, 11 March 2019

East Yorkshire

Back in June EYMS was sold to Go Ahead and last week announced branding changes, including a new livery, as well as it's fleet investment plans. As part of the branding change, EYMS will be known instead simply as 'East Yorkshire'.

Going forward the label used on this blog will therefore be 'East Yorkshire (Buses)' rather than 'EYMS'. I've added (Buses) on the end to help avoid confusion with the county of the East Riding of Yorkshire, which is sometimes referred to as East Yorkshire.

Sunday, 24 February 2019

Goole Town Service Changes

The EYMS operated off peak Goole Town Services 1, 2 and 3 are revised from Monday 4th March to serve the town's Lidl store. The 1, 2 and 3 operate Monday to Saturday under contract to East Riding of Yorkshire Council. Only service 3 will serve Lidl, but the 1, 2 and 3 operate as three interworked services to permit through travel to different parts of the town, for example from Old Goole to the Hospital, or the Fairfield Estate to Lidl, and to accommodate the change all three services drop from every 40 minutes to every 45 minutes.

Service 3 - a clockwise loop around the west and north of Goole - currently splits after leaving Goole Town Centre, with half of journeys operating via Dunhill Road, Grange Road, Kent Road, Newport Street and Clifton Gardens to Oxford Street, while the other half operate via the majority of Boothferry Road, Grosvenor Avenue and Centenary Road to Oxford Road. From Oxford Road all services route via Ilkeston Avenue, Woodfield Road, Goole Hospital, Newclose Lane, Thorntree Lane, Ivy Park Road, Thorntree Lane, Buttermere Road and Pasture Road back into Goole Town Centre.

With next month's changes, all journeys on service 3 will operate via Dunhill Road and Grange Road before routing to Lidl via Anderson Road and then serving Rawcliffe Road. Here a small divergence between alternate journeys remains, will some serving a small part of Boothferry Road and Clifton Gardens, and others Grosvenor Avenue and Centenary Road. The remainder of the route from Oxford Road back into Goole Town Centre is unchanged. Newport Street and part of Kent Road are left unserved, but are fairly close to Boothferry Road, Dunhill Road and Grange Road.

The Monday to Friday peaktime Goole Town Services 4 and 5 are unaffected.

Friday, 22 February 2019

Stagecoach win Bridlington Park and Ride?

Going by the below two VOSA registrations, it would appear that Stagecoach have won the Bridlington Park and Ride contract, and will also be starting a Hull to Bridlington service.

PB0001484/398 Registered
Route: Hull Interchange to Bridlington Park and Ride
Service number: HU_99 (99)
Service type: Normal Stopping
Effective date: 06 Apr 2019

PB0001484/397 Registered


Route: Bridlington Park and Ride to Bridlington Park and Ride
Service number: HU_88 (88, 99)
Service type: Normal Stopping
Effective date: 06 Apr 2019

Yesterday, EYMS deregistered their Bridlington Park and Ride service

PB0000328/526 Cancelled
Route: Bridlington Park and Ride Site to Town Centre via East Riding Leisure
Service number: BPR (BPR)
Service type: Normal Stopping
Effective date: 06 Apr 2019

Sunday, 17 February 2019

North Lincolnshire Council looking to cutback 260 and 450 services

This week Barton Town Council published minutes of it's January 2nd meeting, which contained the following disappointing and concerning item under the heading "correspondence received since issue of the agenda":

"Information from North Lincolnshire Council Public Transport about making savings on the 450 bus service by making changes to the 450 service and looking to incorporating the 260 to help serve some of the villages. The 450 would operate from Barrow to Barton and Brigg via the Low Villages. The 260 at present operates 4 days to Goxhill and New Holland and 1 day to East Halton. They are looking at changing this to 3 days operating to Goxhill and New Holland and 2 days serving Thornton Curtis, Wootton and Ulceby and also East Halton and South Killingholme. A proposed timetable has been forwarded. Any suggestions are welcomed by early in the New Year. "

To expand on and slightly correct the current arrangements stated above, service 260 'The Villager' links the villages of Goxhill, New Holland and Barrow with Barton, as well as East Halton on a Thursday only; the Thursday timetable also includes a service from Victoria House in Barton to the town's Tesco supermarket. Monday to Friday the service is operated by Stagecoach, operating off peak approximately every 60-90 minutes using one vehicle, and is interworked with a schools service from the Caistor Road Estate in Barton to St Peter's Primary School. On Saturday's a single 'timetabled' journey in each direction is provided between Goxhill and Barton by the CallConnect bus.

Service 450 operates between Immingham County Hotel, South Killingholme, Ulceby, Wootton, Thornton Curtis, Barrow, Barton, South Ferriby, Horkstow, Saxby, Bonby, Worlaby, Elsham, Wrawby and Brigg. The route is operated by Stagecoach with four journeys in each direction, albeit on schooldays one service from Brigg terminates at Barton and another is diverted after Barrow to Goxhill. The service requires two vehicles, and I think is interworked with the 552 South Killingholme to Barton Baysgarth School schools service. The 450 itself provides a schools service to Brigg for out of catchment area students.

The exact proposed new timetable has not been included in the Barton Town Council minutes, but would clearly involve cutbacks overall, with the possible exception of East Halton and North Killingholme (located between East Halton and South Killingholme and currently only served by the 552 and CallConnect). It would seem no community will be left unserved however. I presume the intention would be to reduce from a requirement for three vehicles on weekdays to two, at least in school holidays. Unless operated as circular, serving Wootton/Ulceby on one hand, and East Halton on the other, would not be possible without a trip via some very minor roads, but serving all four communities could be done by operating between Barrow and South Killingholme via Wootton/Ulceby in one direction and East Halton in the other.

It's not clear what is proposed for Saturdays. The minutes refer to serving some communities three days a week and others two, implying five day a week services, yet every village east of Barton apart from East Halton and North Killingholme currently has a Saturday bus service. It maybe that the Saturday 260 service isn't being considered as it's operated as part of the CallConnect contract, but that doesn't explain if the plan is to replace/continue the Saturday 450, or not.

In response, Barton Town Council resolved "that a letter be sent to North Lincolnshire Council with the town council’s concerns that the local bus services are to be reduced. As the town council currently support the town bus and it was noted that better information needs to be sought regarding the Call Connect service, the Clerk to invite the Public Transport Development Officer to a forthcoming meeting of the town council to further explain the service".

It is good to see Barton Town Council agree to respond with their concerns to North Lincolnshire Council. Barton Town Council currently contribute towards the 254 Barton Town Service and also fund a schools service within the town from the Caistor Road Estate to Castledyke Primary School. The remainder of the funding for the 254 comes from North Lincolnshire Council but there is no indication that is under threat. Older Barton Town Council minutes indicate that changes may be made to the 254 when Barton Library and Local Link relocates from the town centre to the Baysgarth Leisure Centre later this year.

Sunday, 20 January 2019

Some Improvement for South Killingholme

Tomorrow - Monday 21st January - a new 'fixed'/timetabled CallConnect service is being introduced between South Killingholme and Immingham County Hotel, operating Monday to Friday peaktimes. CallConnect is operated by Hornsby Travel on behalf of North Lincolnshire Council. South Killingholme was served by Stagecoach service 5 Monday to Saturday daytimes until earlier this month, providing a service every 20 minutes to Immingham and Grimsby, the places residents of South Killingholme tend to 'look towards' for shops and services. Since then it has been left with the 450 - which doesn't serve Immingham Town Centre or Grimsby - and demand responsive CallConnect services.

On the new timetabled CallConnect service there will be one departure each way, leaving South Killinghome at 0715, arriving at County Hotel at 0725 to connect onto the 0737 service 5 into Grimsby which arrives at 0814, and a return from County Hotel at 1800 which connects out of the 1710 service 5 from Grimsby to County Hotel (arrives at 1745). This reinstates a timetabled service for South Killingholme to Grimsby commuters and students, albeit with a change en-route at County Hotel; the evening service may also be off use for afternoon Grimsby shoppers who can travel into Grimsby using a combination of the 450 and 5 services earlier in the day.

As a quick way to improve the situation for South Killingholme, this new timetabled service is logical. However it does mean the demand responsive CallConnect bus will not be available when it is needed on this fixed service, which isn't ideal. In addition there is still no timetabled link from South Killingholme to Immingham Town Centre - as I posted a couple of weeks ago the 450 could be amended to provide this - and no South Killingholme to Grimsby through service. Arguably more still to be done to replace the 5 in South Killingholme.

Sunday, 6 January 2019

Stagecoach 5 and 6 Changes

Today, Sunday 6th January, Stagecoach have revised services 5 and 6 in North East Lincolnshire. Service 5 provides the link between Grimsby and Immingham, whilst service 6 is the main bus into Grimsby from the Wybers Wood Estate.

Until yesterday service 5 routed out of Grimsby via Cromwell Road, Yarborough Road and the full length of Great Coates Road, before serving the edges of Healing and Stallingborough villages on the B1210 prior to arriving in Immingham. In Immingham most Monday to Saturday early morning and daytime journeys had extended to South Killingholme via the oil refineries, with some journeys serving Kiln Lane Industrial Estate, Immingham MIC Plant and the Western Entrance to Immingham Docks at peak times. One peak time journey started in, and two finished in, Habrough village. Monday to Saturday daytimes service 5 operated every 20 minutes, increasing to every 15 minutes at peak times; the first three early morning journeys started in Humberston, operating via Cleethorpes Pier and Riby Square to pick up the main route in Grimsby. Sunday daytimes saw an hourly service between Cleethorpes Pier, Grimsby and Immingham, routing via Grimsby Auditorium/Leisure Centre and The Willows Estate, but not the 'loop' part of Cromwell Road that service 6 uses on The Willows, as opposed than Yarborough Road and the western part of Great Coates Road. Finally the hourly daily evening service followed the same route as on Sunday daytimes, but starting at North Sea Lane terminus, and also serving Wybers Wood Top.

With today's service change, almost all journeys on service 5 will route via The Willows, instead of Yarborough Road and the western part of Great Coates Road. Yarborough Road is also served by service 4, while the western part of Great Coates Road is partly bordered by Grimsby Golf Course and a nature reserve. Routing via The Willows provides Monday to Saturday daytime access to Grimsby Auditorium/Leisure Centre from the service 5 route. All early morning/daytime journeys will serve the Cromwell Road 'loop' within The Willows, with evening services continuing to omit it.

The other big change is that apart from on weekday peaktimes, the 5 will no longer extend past Immingham County Hotel terminus, and the oil refineries, South Killingholme and Habrough are no longer served by service 5. This removes the bus as a commuting option from Grimsby to the oil refineries, and leaves Habrough with the train for public transport (which does include peak time services to Grimsby, replacing what the 5 offered).

Perhaps the most significant loss however is for South Killingholme. South Killingholme maybe in North Lincolnshire, but looks towards Immingham and Grimsby in North East Lincolnshire for shops/services etc. It's not left isolated as the 450 continues to provide a limited Monday to Saturday bus service, but the 450 isn't ideal - it's geared towards travel to Barton, and if you don't mind a journey of over an hour, also serves Brigg. The 450 does run to Immingham too, but only to County Hotel, not the town centre, and has a first arrival at County Hotel off 1100, with a last departure at 1340. Connections to Grimsby on the 5 exist, but offer little time in the town. South Killingholme is also covered by the demand responsive CallConnect, which I think does offer travel to Immingham.

A seemingly easy option to partially address this would be to re-route the 450 via Habrough Church and Immingham Town Centre between South Killingholme and County Hotel. If necessary the 450 could be amended in Barton to save time, and only serve the Market Place once in each direction as opposed to twice in each direction in the current timetable - a legacy from when Barton-Brigg and Barton-Immingham-Grimsby used to be separate services. South Killingholme doesn't need a service every 20 minutes, and probably has only had one because of it's proximity to employment and potential (Able UK) employment sites, it may not even need an hourly service, but I don't think the 450 with it's current timetable and route is sufficient.

The 5m variation to Kiln Lane/MIC Plant as service 5m continues Monday to Friday, but not on Saturdays. Four morning and five afternoon services are provided from Grimsby, with three morning and six afternoon returns from Kiln Lane/MIC Plant - this compares to six morning and two afternoon journeys previously being provided from Grimsby, along with three afternoon returns.

The 'core' Monday to Saturday daytime frequency remains every 20 minutes, including at peak times where a 15 minute frequency had previously been provided. Early morning journeys from Humberston remain, at 0435 (0440 Sat), 0540 and 0640 compared to 0445, 0515 and 0545 previously. The first service from Immingham is now at 0550 rather than 0620, and the first three morning services from Immingham operate via Wybers Wood Estate as service 5w, covering for service 6 now starting later. Early morning services from Grimsby continue to operate via Yarborough Road, as service 5 or 5m, and so do two further morning journeys from Grimsby, and two mid afternoon journeys from Immingham as service 5s - going by the 's' suffix and the times, I presume this is linked to Healing School traffic. Evening and Sundays remain hourly, starting at North Sea Lane in the evening, and at Cleethorpes Pier on Sunday daytimes.

Service 6 continues to link the Wybers Wood Estate and Grimsby Town Centre via The Willows, but has two main changes. The 6 no longer continues beyond Riverhead Exchange to Asda, and the Monday to Saturday daytime service is cut from every 15 minutes to every 20 minutes. Co-ordination with the re-routed service 5 however provides an improved service to The Willows of every 10 minutes. The hourly Sunday daytime service 6 remains, with fairly good co-ordination with service 5 into Grimsby in the morning, and returning in the afternoon, but with abysmal co-ordination for the probably less used morning service from Grimsby and afternoon service from Wybers Wood. From Wybers Wood Top on Sunday afternoons there is a 3 minute gap followed by a 57 minute gap. This timetabling is what happens when trying to co-ordinate an Immingham to Cleethorpes and Wybers Wood to Grimsby service without having lots of driver layover time - and I guess it maybe this arrangement or the Sunday 6 becomes unviable?

Overall a rather mixed picture, and the negatives I'm sure not helped by the decline in Grimsby Town Centre and lack of progress with the Able UK development in Killingholme.

Saturday, 29 December 2018

Interconnect 51 Afternoon Improvements

Starting on Monday 7th January, Stagecoach will revise the timetable of generally hourly Monday to Saturday Interconnect service 51 between Grimsby and Louth. The 51A Louth school service is also withdrawn at the same time.

In the morning, the 0855 departure from Louth moves to 0905, increasing the current 90 minute gap after the 0725 departure to 100 minutes.

With the new afternoon timetable, the 1440 departure from Grimsby will be replaced by 1410 and 1510 departures, which also eliminates the current 95 minute gap between 1440 and 1615. On schooldays the 1510 will not serve Grimsby Hospital grounds, but will serve Toll Bar School. In the reverse direction from Louth, the 1600 departure from the Bus Station on Saturdays and in School Holidays will depart instead at 1555, but is withdrawn on schooldays. There is a new 1630 departure from Louth however, Monday to Saturday; on Saturdays and in School Holidays this eliminates a 90 minute gap in departures from Louth. Overall one extra service from Grimsby, and one extra service from Louth on Saturdays and in School Holidays.

Wednesday, 26 December 2018

Interconnect 53 Timetable Change

Stagecoach will revise the timetable of Monday to Saturday Interconnect service 53 between Grimsby, Caistor, Market Rasen and Lincoln from Monday 7th January. The 1540 departure from Grimsby will now operate at 1610, and the final 1750 departure from Lincoln will also depart 30 minutes later, at 1820.

Tuesday, 25 December 2018

Stagecoach 25 to serve Market Rasen

From Tuesday 8th January, Stagecoach service 25 between Ludford and Grimsby will be extended to start/finish in Market Rasen. The route operates on Tuesday and Friday, providing a shopping link into Grimsby. As a result the service shall now leave Market Rasen at 0930, arriving into Grimsby at 1050, as opposed to 1025 currently, with the return departing Grimsby Riverhead Exchange slightly earlier at 1330 rather than 1340. In Ludford the service shall serve a new stop on Bain Rise, where the bus will turnaround, as opposed to existing stops by the Black Horse pub.

Market Rasen's main service to/from Grimsby is the Monday to Saturday 53. There is a 0942 departure from Market Rasen, arriving into Grimsby at 1037, so the morning 25 is unlikely to get much use for Market Rasen to Grimsby travel. In the return direction, the 1330 departure from Grimsby sits nicely in a gap in service 53 departures between 1240 and 1440. I presume though the Market Rasen extension is primarily to support schoolday interworking with a De Aston School service?

Sunday, 23 December 2018

Christmas and New Year Bus Services 2018/2019

Below is the annual summary of Christmas and New Year bus services in the Humber region. Operators covered are:
  • Arriva Yorkshire
  • CallConnect services in North Lincolnshire
  • EYMS
  • First South Yorkshire
  • First York
  • Hornsby Travel
  • Isle Coaches
  • Stagecoach
  • Transdev York
Services provided by these operators outside of the region are not covered in this post. If anyone has information for other operators, please post a comment and I will update this post. Please check exact details before travelling as this is only a summary.

Christmas Eve:
  • A Saturday service with an early evening finish will be provided by First South Yorkshire, First York and Stagecoach
  • Stagecoach 260 (Barton Villager) will operate a normal Monday service
  • A normal Monday service with an early evening finish will be provided by Arriva Yorkshire, EYMS, Hornsby Travel (except CallConnect) and Isle Coaches.
  • CallConnect's demand responsive service in North Lincolnshire will operate a Saturday service (between 8am an 6pm). The 'timetabled' weekday CallConnect 59 service between Wroot and Blaxton will not operate
  • Transdev York evening service 10 to Stamford Bridge will not operate
Christmas Day:
No Services

Boxing Day:
Limited daytime services will operate on certain routes only in the Hull Area (the same provision as 2017 except for service 64 renumbered to service 63 following service changes earlier in the year):
34: Hull-Willerby - Hourly
56: Hull-Longhill-Asda Bilton - Hourly
63: Hull-Cottingham-Castle Hill Hospital - Hourly
66: Hull-Hessle - Hourly
115: Hull-Avenues-Cottingham-Castle Hill Hospital - Hourly (circular with 154)
154: Hull-Willerby-Castle Hill Hospital - Hourly (circular with 115)
1: Hull-Boothferry Estate - Hourly
2: Hull-Boothferry Estate - Hourly
3: Orchard Park-Hull-Greatfield - Half Hourly
4: Orchard Park-Hull-Bilton Grange - Hourly
5: Hull-Orchard Park-Kingswood - Half Hourly
8: Hull-Sutton Park-North Point - Hourly
10: Hull-North Point-North Bransholme - Hourly
11: Hull-North Point-Kingswood - Hourly
12: Hull-North Point - Hourly
13: Hull-North Point - Hourly
14: Hull-Greatfield - Hourly

Thursday 27th:
  • A Saturday service will be provided by Arriva Yorkshire, EYMS, First South Yorkshire, First York, Stagecoach and Transdev York
  • EYMS 360/361 (Goole-Scunthorpe) will operate a normal Thursday service
  • EYMS service 63 will have an extra journey from Hull to Castle Hill Hospital at 0615, returning at 0702
  • EYMS Saturday only service Nightbus 106 will not operate, nor will Monday, Wednesday and Saturday only service 143.
  • EYMS Friday and Saturday evening only journeys on routes 18, 45, 46, 75, 121 and X47 shall not operate (i.e. a normal Thursday evening service will operate)
  • Stagecoach 10 (Scunthorpe Town Service), 161 (Market Rasen-Brigg-Lakeside) and 260 (Barton Villager) will operate a normal Thursday service
  • A normal Thursday service will be provided by Hornsby Travel (except CallConnect) and Isle Coaches
  • CallConnect's demand responsive service in North Lincolnshire will operate a Saturday service (between 8am an 6pm). The 'timetabled' weekday CallConnect 59 service between Wroot and Blaxton will not operate
Friday 28th:
  • A Saturday service will be provided by Arriva Yorkshire, EYMS, First South Yorkshire, First York, Stagecoach and Transdev York
  • EYMS 88 (Rawcliffe Bridge-Goole), 197 (Pocklington Town Service) and 360/361 (Goole-Scunthorpe) will operate a normal Friday service
  • EYMS service 63 will have an extra journey from Hull to Castle Hill Hospital at 0615, returning at 0702
  • EYMS Saturday only service Nightbus 106 will not operate, nor will Monday, Wednesday and Saturday only service 143.
  • Stagecoach 10 (Scunthorpe Town Service), 25 (Ludford-Grimsby) and 260 (Barton Villager) will operate a normal Friday service
  • A normal Friday service will be provided by Hornsby Travel (except CallConnect) and Isle Coaches
  • CallConnect's demand responsive service in North Lincolnshire will operate a Saturday service (between 8am an 6pm). The 'timetabled' weekday CallConnect 59 service between Wroot and Blaxton will not operate, nor will the Friday only 'timetabled' CallConnect 55 (Appleby-Scunthorpe) and 58 (Wroot-Epworth) services
Saturday 29th:
Normal Saturday Services. (As a side note this means the Saturday CallConnect 260 will be the only 'timetabled' CallConnect service in North Lincolnshire over the Christmas/New Year period).

Sunday 30th:
Normal Sunday Services

New Years Eve:

  • A Saturday service with an early evening finish will be provided by Arriva Yorkshire, EYMS, First South Yorkshire, First York and Stagecoach
  • EYMS 88 (Rawcliffe Bridge-Goole), 143 (North Ferriby-Beverley) and 360/361 (Goole-Scunthorpe) will operate a normal Monday service
  • EYMS service 63 will have an extra journey from Hull to Castle Hill Hospital at 0615, returning at 0702
  • Stagecoach 260 (Barton Villager) will operate a normal Monday service
  • A normal Monday service with an early evening finish will be provided by Hornsby Travel (except CallConnect) and Isle Coaches
  • CallConnect's demand responsive service in North Lincolnshire will operate a Saturday service (between 8am an 6pm). The 'timetabled' weekday CallConnect 59 service between Wroot and Blaxton will not operate
  • Transdev York evening service 10 to Stamford Bridge will not operate
New Years Day:
No Services

Wednesday 2nd January:
Back to normal, except for First South Yorkshire who will operate a Saturday service on Wednesday 2nd, Thursday 3rd and Friday 4th January, before resuming normal services on Saturday 5th January.