Monday, 9 May 2011

EYMS May Service Changes 'Bits and Pieces'

Some bits and pieces not really worth another thread about the EYMS service changes this Sunday (15th May):

It would seem that service 48 in West Hull has been axed completely, without any replacement, leaving a number of side roads unserved. Not aware of any complaints/campaigns to try and save it though which perhaps explains why no replacement is being provided.

Some minor time changes to the 115 from Cottingham into Hull, and a morning roundtrip on the 215/315 between Hull City Centre and Endike Lane is cancelled.

The 0730(Mon-Fri)/0800(Sat) 182 from Hessle to Beverley is cancelled, while the 1605 from Beverley now runs at 1610.

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Anonymous said...

Breaking news is that the 48 has been reprieved for 3 months. Could the section of route north of Spring Bank West be covered by a revised 62 routing?

The withdrawal of the morning 182 journey will make it difficult for scholars attending Beverley schools, though they'll still be able to get home on the 1610.