Monday, 9 May 2011

EYMS 142 Changes

EYMS will be making changes to their journeys on service 142 from 15th May. The 142 is an interesting rural service, and the main operator is Acklams Coaches. In reality it is two separate services. 1 from Middleton into Beverley (though Acklams journeys also serve villages north of Middleton) and 1 from Middleton into Driffield.


EYMS weekday journeys are cut back with no School Holiday services at all. The 0745 Beverley-Holme and 0808 Holme-Beverley now operates on schooldays only. Meanwhile the 1610 from Beverley to Lund is withdrawn on both schooldays and School Holidays.

The only Saturday change sees the 0921 Beverley-Middleton operate 4 minutes later. The tendered Sunday service is unchanged


Currently EYMS provide a 0930 and 1320 from Middleton and a 1250 from Driffield on weekdays only. But from next week the weekday service is gone, but the 0930 and 1250 remain, now operating on Saturdays.

So EYMS's 142 service will be in the interesting position of having a weekend service, a schoolday service, but no weekday School Holiday service.

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Anonymous said...

It is interesting to look back at old timetables and see that when this service was numbered 11/11A (in the 50s and 60s) there were ten through journeys a day between Beverley and Driffield with some being through to/from Hull. All journeys were operated by EYMS. Since then the service has gradually reduced and fragmented and other operators appeared.

It is not surprising that the remaining Driffield - Middleton service has reduced as the three journeys are duplicated almost entirely by service 743 (almost the same route at almost the same times).