Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Stamford Bridge to loose Sunday Evening Service?

The tendered Sunday evening service on route 10 between Stamford Bridge, York and Poppleton is proposed for withdrawal in order to fund Sunday daytime services to Fulford Broadway and Naburn. The reason for cutting back the 10 rather than other services is fairness, with no tendered Sunday evening services elsewhere in York. More details in this City of York Council report.

York Pullman currently operate the Sunday evening service. They took over this and other early morning/evening services on route 10 from First York following cutbacks in 2009. Since then they have also added peak time buses in competition with First. Current York Pullman service 10 timetable.

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Anonymous said...

Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Stamford Bridge to LOSE Sunday Evening Service?

You still seem to have trouble distinguishing between lose and loose (also losing and loosing).