Monday, 21 March 2011

Service 28A/30/51A changes

From April 4th Stagecoach are revising early morning weekday service on route 30 between Hull, North Point Shopping Centre and North Bransholme. There are now 3 as opposed to 1 30X journeys from Hull Interchange operating via Sutton Fields Industrial Estate, while the first departure from North Bransholme is now at 0440 rather than 0535. The early morning 28A's from North Bransholme into Hull, also serving Kingsbury Way and Kingswood, are however curtailed to operate as normal 28's starting from North Point. As are the current 51A's from North Bransholme. Connections can be made from the 30 to the 28 or 51 at North Point.

Morning peak services from Hull are revised with more journeys to North Point (every 15 rather than 20 minutes), but less to North Bransholme (every 30 rather than 20 minutes).

Finally the 30W evening journeys to Wawne are now shown as normal 30's, so I presume will terminate at North Bransholme

New 30 timetable

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