Monday, 21 March 2011

X62 Weekday Changes - Full details

North Yorkshire County Council may have got confused over April's service X62 (Hull-Brough-Goole-Leeds) changes, but the new Stagecoach timetable explain all.

On weekdays the 0830, 1030 and 1230 departures from Hull are replaced by 0930 and 1130 departures. The 1430 moves to 1530, and the 1630 to 1700. The 0630 is unchanged. The same changes, two hours later, for Leeds departures. These changes mean a 1730 departure from Leeds, ideal for commuters, a slightly later last departure from Leeds at 1900 rather than 1830. But a rather large mid afternoon between 1330 and 1730 from Leeds. Not ideal for shoppers.

Saturday changes as North Yorkshire County Council reported (2 hourly all day) and no changes on Sundays.

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