Monday, 6 June 2011

EYMS 109 confirmed cancelled

EYMS have now confirmed that service 109 in Cottingham is axed after operating on Saturday 25th June. Cottingham Station excepted, this service offered nothing that the 110 does not, as discussed here.


Anonymous said...

This comes as no surprise. I regularly see this service with no passengers on, though I did once see it with one person on board (apart from the driver!).

Dave said...

I'm not at all surprised that the 109 has been cancelled. The buses never carried a destination (and sometimes even the number 109 was a piece of paper on the inside of the windscreen). The lack of destination on the front of the bus was particularly confusing to anyone thinking of getting on it at Cottingham Station, as the timetable board on the bus-stop showed two departures per hour, without indicating that they were to different destinations (one to Castle Hill, the other to Bricknell Avenue). So, hardly surprising that no-one used it. It is almost as if someone somewhere had set it all up to fail.