Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Bridge Tolls and Bus Services

Today in has been announced that Humber Bridge tolls are set to rise. While I don't intend to use this post to discuss the pros and cons of this, the inspector's report contains detail of some of the evidence provided in relation to bus services.

Section 3.9 summarises the evidence from Peter Shipp of EYMS and Gary Nolan from Stagecoach East Midlands. They say that a toll increase would require a review of the current 35% discount scheduled local bus and express coach services receive, otherwise "it would be difficult to sustain the existing level of service". It is emphasised how the toll rise is one of many cost increases currently being faced, along with fuel prices, employer national insurance and others. Fare increases are rejected as it is believed they would not be able to recoup the extra cost of the tolls and would reduce patronage.

Something to monitor in the coming months.

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hardy202 said...

Humber Flyer that leaves Grimsby at 6:05 to Barton only is stopping as of 2nd july 2011 because hardly anyone used it so they have lost it