Friday 15 August 2014

EYMS Sunday 400/401 Timetable Published

From Sunday 14th September, EYMS are taking over the Sunday and Bank Holiday service 400/401 between Goole, Snaith and Selby from Arriva, who operate the main Monday to Saturday service. The Sunday service is operated under contract to East Riding of Yorkshire Council. The services will be the only EYMS services to Selby and presumably will be operated by Elloughton depot.

EYMS's timetable is little changed from that provided by Arriva. 5 journeys continue to operate in each direction; 4 operate as service 400 via Goole Hospital and Airmyn, while one omits these destinations, operating as a service 401. EYMS have departures from Selby at 0845 (401), 1020, 1220, 1420 and 1620; the only difference is the 0845 operates 5 minutes earlier than at present. From Goole EYMS have departures at 0930, 1130, 1330, 1530 and 1730 (401), all 10 minutes earlier than at present.

As the timetable starts/finishes in Selby the but the service will likely be operates from Elloughton, it is a shame EYMS aren't running an earlier Goole-Selby and later Selby-Goole service en-route to/from the depot. This would take up very little time, and could even just run Rawcliffe-Selby if EYMS did not wish to divert into Goole town centre.

EYMS are also taking over the Sunday Goole-Swinefleet service, currently operated by Arriva in between service 400 journeys. The 400/401 tender win joins EYMS successfully gained tender for the Monday to Saturday Scunthorpe to Goole service. On the negative side EYMS have lost the Sunday service 155 tender between South Cave, Gilberdyke and Goole. As a result while the Goole-Swinefleet-Scunthorpe corridor goes from three (Sweyne, Stagecoach, Arriva) to one operator, the Gilberdyke-Goole and Goole-Snaith-Selby corridors go from one 7 day a week operator to having a separate Sunday service provider.

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