Sunday 10 August 2014

EYMS Scunthorpe-Goole Saturday timetable published

Traveline East Midlands has the new timetable uploaded for Saturday services between Scunthorpe and Goole from 6th September. They will be numbered service 361 and operated by EYMS on a tendered basis replacing the current tendered Stagecoach and limited (commercial?) Sweyne Coaches services.

The new timetable has 3 departures from Scunthorpe at 1015, 1315 and 1615, plus a 'short' 0746 Eastoft to Goole services. From Goole there are three departures to Scunthorpe at 0826, 1126 and 1426, plus a 1726 to Eastoft. Interestingly the timetable has only 1 minute layover at Goole between services which seems very short, especially as I guess driver changeovers will need to occur here?

The current Stagecoach 357 Saturday service has 4 departures from Scunthorpe at 0715, 1000, 1315 and 1645 with returns from Goole at 0830, 1145, 1530 and 1753. The new EYMS timetable provides almost the same service but at a standard three hour interval, albeit with the first service of the day starting at Eastoft rather than Scunthorpe and the last service of the day being truncated at Eastoft rather than running to Scunthorpe. The bigger loss is the apparent non-replacement of the Sweyne Coaches 0915 Eastoft to Goole and 1000 Goole to Swinefleet. I guess that may well be annoying for some passengers who will have to travel either 90 minutes earlier or later. However in these times of cutbacks, things could be a lot worse.

Coordination between the 361 and the Hornsby Travel operated tendered service 90 between Scunthorpe and Crowle is good, with the 90 offering departures from Scunthorpe at 0720, 0915, 1215, 1515 (to Luddington) and 1725, giving an almost hourly service. While not a clockface, similar good coordination also occurs in the opposite direction.

No details of the weekday changes, which see EYMS takeover the Scunthorpe-Goole corridor from Sweyne Coaches on a tendered basis, have yet been put on Traveline East Midlands.


BA533 said...

With regards to the driver changeover at Goole, I suppose it it possible to inter work services?

Humber Transport said...

Possible, but both the Petuaria Express and Goole Town Service (the only interworking options on a Saturday daytime) have specifically liveried vehicles so unless there is a lower PVR on Saturdays on those services you would end up with normal EYMS vehicles on branded services. Not ideal

Anonymous said...

Hello, sorry to comment here but could you tell me the best way to get to Spurn Point by bus from Hull? I've tried looking for the 73 but EYMS don't run it by the looks of things and I can't find an alternative operator. Has this been axed and if so is there an alternative or if not where would the nearest bus be?

Humber Transport said...

If the 73 isn't running then the nearest service would be the 71 to Easington

Anonymous said...

Your right I'm afraid the 73 service no longer runs.The EYMS service 71 Monday to Saturday as far as the caravan park on Kilnsea Road at Easington is the nearest option.

Anonymous said...

The times for this and other Goole area changes are now available on the EYMS website. Curiously timings between 1200 and 1259 are now shown as 0.xx pm rather than 12.xx pm. Why they persist in using the 12 hour clock is a puzzle but this new idea is just silly. They are one of only 6 out of 343 British bus operators who continue using the 12 hour clock according to Barry Doe.

Anonymous said...

Mentioned the timetable error regarding midday timings showing as "0" to EYMS via Twitter. They replied there is a technical fault being looked into.
Do agree re the use of 12 hours clock though. Thankfully very few transport operators use it.

Presume an EYMS GoAnywhere day ticket could in theory be used from Scunthorpe to york or Scarborough via goole now?. (Doubt you could get back in same day however!)
Guessing no interavailability of return, daily, weekly tickets between Crowle and Scunthorpe with Hornsbys route 90?.