Sunday 17 August 2014

EYMS Full 360/361 Timetable Published

EYMS have announced the full timetable for the 360/361 between Goole, Swinefleet, Crowle and Scunthorpe that they takeover from Monday 1st September, operating under contract to East Riding of Yorkshire Council. This replaces Sweyne Coaches weekday services 360-2, Stagecoach and Sweyne Coaches Saturday service 357, and Arriva Sunday service 356. Service 361 will provide the main service, operating via Crowle and serving Goole Tesco. Meanwhile the 360 will provide slightly more direct journeys omitting Goole Tesco and operating the quicker route via Amcotts and Keadby rather than Crowle.

The weekday service is similar to the current timetable provided by Sweyne Coaches, except that the daytime short journeys between Goole and Swinefleet will no longer operate. From Goole departures will be at 0725 (360), 0922 (361), 1122 (361), 1322 (361), 1522 (361) to Scunthorpe, at 1715 (360) to Garthorpe and at 1835 (360) to Swinefleet. In the opposite direction a 0715 from Swinefleet (360) and 0810 from Garthorpe (360) are provided, followed by journeys from Scunthorpe at 0930 (361), 1130 (361), 1330 (361), 1605 (360) and 1730 (360).

Co-ordination with Hornsby Travel service 90 means the 90/361 combined provides an hourly Scunthorpe-Crowle service during the morning and early afternoon, and an almost hourly service in the return direction.

The Saturday timetable has already been reviewed here. One oddity is that a Saturday peak service is provided from Eastoft and Luddington to Goole but that on weekdays the equivalent service does not serve these villages and instead operates between Goole and Garthorpe only.

On Sundays 4 return journeys will be provided between Goole and Swinefleet on service 361 from 14th September onwards, leaving Goole at 1110, 1310, 1510 and 1710, returning 9 minutes later; this is the same service as currently provided by Arriva service 356.

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