Saturday 16 August 2014

Brough Town Service cutbacks

Due to low passenger numbers, the first and last journeys on the 158 Brough and Elloughton Town Service will no longer operate from Monday 8th September onwards. This means the withdrawal of the 0725 and 1730 departures from Elloughton depot; the only two journeys on the service to omit Beech Road and Hunter Road. The first weekday journey from Elloughton depot will now be at 0810 and the last departure at 1655.

In addition the above two journeys, additional journeys will be withdrawn on Saturdays. Both th 0810 and 0845 from Elloughton will be withdrawn, leading to a first departure at 0935. Additionally the three journeys between Elloughton, Welton and Melton will be withdrawn; these supplement service 155 which will continue to provide Saturday links between these communities. The Melton extensions use otherwise 'dead' time in between journeys on the main town service, so I guess they either don't justify their marginal cost, or that their withdrawal is to allow for a driver break or more efficient driver rostering.

The 158 is operated by EYMS under contract to East Riding of Yorkshire Council.

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