Friday 23 March 2012

New 150 timetable, version 2

Traveline East Midlands now has the new Stagecoach 150 (Grimsby-Immingham-East Halton) timetable from 2nd April (again). Following a Stagecoach/North East Lincolnshire Council deal on concessionary fare payments, Stagecoach's plan to withdraw the service from Habrough is cancelled. The service is also retimed, but still remains 3 daytime journeys each way, and also gains a diversion into South Killingholme. Does this mean the plan to withdraw offpeak 45's from the village is still going ahead?

Interestingly the 150 will also gain a Saturday service, to the same timetable as weekdays. I can't remember East Halton having a Saturday service in recent times. Again this makes me wonder if it is a mitigation measure for withdrawing the off peak 45's to South Killingholme.

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Anonymous said...

This is obviously a very fluid situation at the moment. On the HF today there were leaflets outlining Grimsby area service changes, including the 150/250/450 revision so that it connected with the 45 for Grimsby, and the reduction on the 3.

Yet by this evening, tis 150 timetable is out, and it seems that the 3 is going to hourly between Lincoln and Market Rasen, and twice hourly during the day/hourly at peak times to Grimsby!