Monday 12 March 2012

Hornsby Service 60 timetable

Traveline East Midlands has the timetable for when Hornsby Travel take over North Lincolnshire Council tendered Monday to Saturday service 60 between Scunthorpe and Whitton from Stagecoach on April 16th. The main changes from the current timetable are:

  • The 0705 from Scunthorpe will no longer serve Foxhills Industrial Estate

  • The 1010 from Scunthorpe will operate via Flixborough and Burton to Thealby rather than direct via Normanby Hall. The 1026 return from Thealby will now depart at 1037 and unlike present operate via Flixborough into Scunthorpe

  • The weekday only 1055 from Scunthorpe to Thealby now departs 1120 while the 1127 return service will now depart at 1152 and operate via Burton instead of via Normanby Hall

  • The 1215 from Scunthorpe to Whitton will now depart at 1230, and the return from Whitton at 1317 rather than the current 1300

  • The weekday only 1355 from Scunthorpe to Thealby and 1445 from Scunthorpe to Whitton are combined into a new 1410 Scunthorpe to Whitton, omitting The Stather in Burton which is currently served by the 1355; the last bus to The Stather will now be the 1230 from Scunthorpe. The return journeys (1427 from Thealby and 1519 from Whitton) are likwise merged into a new 1455 from Whitton. Unlike the current 1427/1519 these will operate via Burton and Flixborough rather than Normanby Hall

  • The Saturday 1445 from Scunthorpe to Thealby now operates at 1410 and omits The Stather. The return service now leaves at 1437 rather than 1517 and operates via Burton and Flixborough rather than Normanby Hall

  • The 1750 (weekday)/1745 (Saturday) from Scunthorpe to Whitton will now depart at 1740 6 days a week. The return from Whitton at 1830/1825 moves to 1822

The changes mean that Normanby Hall ceases to be served by a 'usable' bus service (just two morning journeys from Scunthorpe, and no return services), though the village of Normanby and it's bus stop is within walking distance for the able bodied. The flipside of this is a slightly improved service for Burton Upon Stather, and Flixborough also gains with less buses operating into Scunthorpe directly past Normanby Road Enterprise Park..


WillPS said...

I had sufficiently poor judgement to become dependent on this service for some time up to around a year ago. It came to depress me greatly having no access to any sort of service on a Sunday or in the evening.

I found it strange that despite a significant youth population in Burton there was no attempt to experiment with an evening service. I guess it made me appreciate how good I had/have it as a metropolitan citizen. I wouldn't put myself back in that situation for any amount of money.

Anonymous said...

The new 55 service links from Scunthorpe to Normanby