Sunday 17 April 2016

Proposed York Bus Cuts

City of York Council are currently consulting on reducing subsidies for bus services in the city council area, including some services that extend into the East Riding of Yorkshire which are discussed below. The council intends to implement the cuts from 28th August 2016.

Service 10 from Stamford Bridge to York and Poppleton is proposed to have it's subsidised Sunday to Thursday mid to late evening service, currently operated by Transdev, withdrawn. This service currently costs City of York Council £36,000 per year. The daytime operator, First, provides early evening journeys commercially, and Transdev provides a commercial Friday and Saturday evening service - however the consultation document warns that they "may decide to withdraw this service when the Sunday to Thursday evening is withdrawn".

There is less certainty surrounding the plans for Monday to Saturday daytime service 36 from Sutton on Derwent to York, and peak time service X36 from Pocklington to York. City of York Council state they are "currently considering what level of service (and times of operation) to include in the specification for a new contract". With respect to the X36, funding from parish councils has now ceased and City of York Council are working with East Riding of Yorkshire Council to consider if the service should continue. Service X36 currently costs City of York Council £12,000 a year. Service 36 and weekday service X36 is operated by Transdev, with EYMS operating the X36 on Saturdays.

There is however some good news to end on - EYMS have advised City of York Council that they are willing to operate the evening service on route 18 between York and Holme on Spalding Moor without financial support. The service would likely have been proposed for withdrawal otherwise, in line with all other supported evening services in York.


Anonymous said...

There's a rumour going round that a new service is in the wors for Grimsby.

Anonymous said...

I see the changes have appeared on Stagecoach website for the Scunthorpe changes, as suggested No31/32 is replacing the No40. Not a peak times, dare say there still being used on Collage runs.