Thursday, 7 February 2013

Stagecoach License, Route and Timetable Changes.

From April 1st Stagecoach have re-registered all Hull depot services on the Cleveland Transit license and all Grimsby depot services on the Grimsby Cleethorpes Transport license, onto the Lincolnshire Road Car license. It was only three years ago the last Grimsby depot Lincolnshire Road Car services were re-registered on the Grimsby Cleethorpes Transport license.

Certain services will also see timetable and route changes from the same date. The below information is taken from VOSA registrations:

1 (Hull-Boothferry Estate) - "Minor' timetable change"
10 (Hull Circular) - "Revised Route and Timetable"
15 (Hull-Orchard Park-Kingswood) - "Revised Nightbus"
28A (Hull-Sutton Park-Bransholme-Kingswood) - "Revised Morning Peak Timetable"
32 (Hull-Bransholme) - "Minor Timetable Change"
42 (Hull-Greatfield) - "Minor Timetable Changes"
43 (Hull-Greatfield) - "Minor Timetable Changes"
51 (Hull-Bransholme-Kingswood - "Nightbus Changes"
53 (Hull-Salthouse Road) - "Revised Route and Timetable"
54 (Hull-Bilton Grange) - "Revised Route and Timetable"
110 (Hull-Cottingham) - "Revised Timetable"
677 (Beverley Road-Hull-Cranswick Foods Preston) - "Revised Route and Timetable"

North East Lincolnshire:
3 (Grimsby-Market Rasen) - "Includes Timetable Revision"
8 (Grimsby-New Waltham-North Sea Lane) - "Includes Timetable Revision"
9 (Waltham-Grimsby-Cleethorpes-North Sea Lane) - "Includes Timetable Revision"
16 (Asda-Grimsby-Wybers Woods) - "Revised Saturday Timetable"
45M (Grimsby-Immingham-South Killingholme) - "Includes minor revision to Habrough Services"
51 (Grimsby-Louth) - "Includes Additional Services from Tetney"

Also noteworthy is that the new registration for the 20 is from Riby Square to Europarc. It currently operates from Cleethorpes to Europarc.

NB - Route numbers taken from VOSA registrations, so may not include all variants

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Jim said...

A pedant writes: American spellcheckers have a lot to answer for. In English English A service is "licensed" (with an "s") by the issue of a "licence" (with a "c".

"License" is used in the USA to mean "licence" !