Saturday, 23 February 2013

Interconnect 3 April Changes

Traveline East Midlands has the new timetable for Stagecoach Interconnect 3 between Grimsby, Caistor, Market Rasen and Lincoln from April 2nd. The main Monday to Saturday frequency of hourly between Lincoln and Market Rasen with two hourly continuations to Grimsby remains unaltered, with minor changes as follows (punctuality related?):
  • The 0645 grom Grimsby to Lincoln will instead depart at 0635 and arrive in Lincoln 5 minutes later than at present.
  • The 0655 from Lincoln to Grimsby will instead depart at 0650, but arrives in Grimsby at the same time as present. 
  • The 0840 from Market Rasen to Grimsby, and 0840 from Lincoln to Grimsby have extended journey times.

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