Friday, 1 February 2013

EYMS Seeking Boxing Day feedback

EYMS are seeking feedback on their Boxing Day buses from users, and non-users. They are wanting feedback by 17th February 2013 to the following questions:
  1. Where do you live?
  2. Which bus services do you use day-to-day, and how often? (throughout the year, not just Boxing Day).
  3. Did you travel on Boxing Day last year? (either by bus or other means).
  4. If you travelled, please give us details about your journey. Where did you go, when and why (i.e. shopping, work, visiting family)? Did you travel by bus?
  5. If you didn't travel, was that because you didn't want to, or because you couldn't because your bus service did not run?
  6. Which buses would you like to see run on Boxing Day? (Within reason - it is unlikely we will provide a full service across our network as there is not the demand for this).
  7. Do you have any other comments on Boxing Day buses?
For more details including the email address to send responses to, click here.

It is good to see EYMS actively seeking feedback, and seemingly with an open mind to enhancing and growing the limited Boxing Day network they have previously provided

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