Friday, 15 April 2011

Sweyne still operate the Saturday 357

It seems Sweyne Coaches still operate part of the 357 route on Saturdays. While the main service is now operated by Stagecoach, Sweyne continue to operate an 0915 Eastoft-Goole and a 1000 Goole-Swinefleet according to their website.


Stu G said...

Managed to pick up a Stagecoach 357 timetable in Scunthorpe - predicatbly detailing their 4 saturday journeys only! The local NLincs council bus guide for Crowle shows the full timetable for the route inc Sweynes Mon-Fri and sole Saturday trip.

There is also a combined 90/357 timetable that shows just how daft the set up is, e.g a bus on both routes running together or within minutes of each other!! It also littered with a few errors.

David said...

Yes, Stu G. Your comment just about sums up what is perhaps needed but sadly lacking in North Lincolnshire; a properly managed and co-ordinated rural bus network.