Sunday, 1 April 2018

Service 270 Ends

Maundy Thursday, March 29th, was the last day of operation for service 270, which provided a single journey from Driffield to Beeford on weekdays, departing Driffield George Street at 1710, and starting back at Driffield School on schooldays. The service had been operated by EYMS since November under contract to East Riding of Yorkshire Council, who have now withdrawn their funding for the service. It had an average five passengers per journey at a subsidy of £8.03 per passenger according to the council's 2016 Review of Bus Services documentation

Nafferton has alternatives on routes 45/46 and 121, as well as the train, however for Wansford, North Frodingham and Beeford the last departure from Driffield is now on service 136 at 1540. The 136 provides a commuting friendly service to/from Bridlington for North Frodingham and Beeford, but not from Driffield. Driffield School have arranged a replacement taxi for students attending after school activities.


Anonymous said...

I can fully understand the cancellation of this service. Whilst the average figures are low the reality is on the odd occasion it picked up 1 passenger in George St and possibly 2 or 3 children from Driffield School.

City of Hull & Humber Environment Forum said...

The Driffield school link was a legacy of the twilight extended schools project (Along with 135). Reality is with such small passenger numbers a taxi is probably a sensible solution. This week also sees the end of Pearson's services in the Withernsea area.