Saturday, 28 April 2018

EYMS 78/79 Minor Improvements

EYMS Services 78 and 79 between Hull and Hedon will serve the bus stop at the Siemens Factory in East Hull from Tuesday 8th May as part of their route through Victoria Dock - I'm not sure of the specifics of the road layout but they had been going close to the factory already. Together the services provide one bus an hour Monday to Saturday daytimes (not quite hourly due to the different routes used by the 78 and 79). The Siemens Factory is also served by Stagecoach's 16.

A new 1618 service from Hedon Imans Estate into Hull on service 79 is also introduced on weekdays at the same time, filling a gap in departures from the Inmans Estate on services 78/79 between 1527 and 1755, a gap in departures from Hedon to Paull village between 1334 and 1802 (times at Hedon Thorn Road Corner) and an hour's gap in the overall Hedon to Hull service between 1554 and 1654 (times from Thorn Road Corner).

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