Tuesday 12 May 2015

Stagecoach North East Lincolnshire July Changes

Stagecoach have registered variations with VOSA for some of their North East Lincolnshire services from 6th July:

3/4 Laceby Road Morrisons-Grimsby-Cleethorpes (route as well as timetable)
5 Grimsby-Immingham-South Killingholme
6 Wybers Wood-Willows Estate-Grimsby
8 Grimsby-New Waltham-North Sea Lane
9/10 Waltham-Grimsby-Cleethorpes-North Sea Lane
53 Grimsby-Caistor-Market Rasen (route as well as timetable)
150 Immingham-East Halton (route as well as timetable)

The registration for service 12 has been cancelled with VOSA:

Cancellation Accepted: Operating between Bradley Park and New Waltham given service number 12/12W effective from 06-Jul-2015.


Joe said...

I hope this isn't actually happening. And the 12 is just becoming the 11 or something.

Joe said...

I remember a really good article on this site for removing the 12 and having other services replace it. Could the 12 be replaced by the 3/4 & 53 route changes? I've asked Stagecoach about what's going on. Will update if they reply.

Sam said...

Bradley Park could be served by diversion of the 3 (possibly on an hourly basis although not very 'Simplibus'). Divert the 53 away from Weelsby Road and Hainton Ave (maybe controversial) and route it via Grange Estate and Littlefield Lane. Can't see how they would serve Wellington Street, Queen Mary Ave and Brereton Ave though, unless a 4 could be diverted each hour. Then theres New Waltham, Belvoir Road, Taylors Ave, Trinity Road, Bentley Street and Fairview Ave.
Still wonder if a replacement will be registered for the 12?

Joe said...

I got a reply.

Many thanks for your e-mail regarding the "changes" within the Grimsby and Cleethorpes area.
The information provided on the VOSA website can be very misleading and suggest something that is not set in stone. 
The exercise at the moment is very much a "paper procedural" exercise that doesn't mean that anything definite is going to happen.  The date reflects the natural end date of the existing arrangement with North East Lincolnshire Council to operate the service. We hope that an extended arrangement is finalised in the next couple of weeks that will mean the service will continue in its current format, route and timetable.  If you contact us again in early June, I will be able to update you on the arrangement  and confirm the expected continuation. I state again this is an administration exercise at this stage. 

Joe said...

An ideal replacement would be having service 10 running via Bereton, having the 8 run up the 12 section in New Waltham instead of hospital. Have the 4 go down St Peter's on it's way to the pier via High Street. And cut the 1 extention to Wybers and make it run to Fiveways. The 7 could easily replace Grange services as Bargate has enough buses. I don't think the Bradley Park section is needed to be served. Trinity Avenue I have no idea about.
That's what'll do if I had to cut it as it will make service levels better for many.

But from the Stagecoach reply suggest that little may happen.

Sam said...

Well Grange doesn't need 3 buses an hour, it can cope with the 2 service 7s per hour. The only trouble with diverting it via Littlefield Lane is that many people (mainly elderly) tend to utilise the stops on Laceby Road, and the service would have to operate around the Grange loop differently if it were to continue serving Franklin College (I personally wouldn't want to see the college loose its bus service). Don't wether they could extend it to Bradley Park, so route it via Littlefield Lane and then Cambridge Road (Cranwell Court), Cromer Ave, Carnforth Crescent, Worcester Ave, Winchester Ave and Bradley Park loop. On return send it via Winchester Ave, Laceby Road, Chelmsford Ave and Littlefield Lane. Timetable could be tweaked to accommodate this I suppose?

Joe said...

The 12 takes 20mins each way. The 7 takes 27mins each way. So 7's route could be dropped. Laceby Road has the Humber Flyer.
Maybe the axing of the 12 would benefit the Western half of the route as 7 is better anyway. 12 is useless after 1430ish around there anyway. The Eastern bit if retained could be added to the 1 with enough time, providing a Europarc to Cleethorpes daytime service not too dissimilar to the 20.

Anonymous said...

I guessed the 12'd be cut all along. When the simplibus timetable map came out I saw strait away that the 12 was not on the map. Why? I asked, now we know why!

Sam said...

Any update on this, with only two weeks (and one day) to go until the date of (possible) changes?

Humber Transport said...

Traveline East Midlands shows the 150 as omitting Habrough - I presume this is a funding dispute with North East Lincolnshire Council but unless the income doesn't cover the marginal cost of serving Habrough, not serving the village is silly IMO as there are no time/resource savings from omitting Habrough in the new timetable

Sam said...

Other than the 150 (which I'll admit I didn't check), there seem to be no changes down on Traveline. What I find odd is that there is no mention that the 12 is going, so has it simply been cancelled and then reregistered with VOSA?

Unknown said...

Any update from stagecoach re the 12 route cancellation?

Sam said...

Can't find any updates on VOSA, Traveline not showing any changes, and Stagecoach website has nothing (not even anything about the 150 diversion away from Habrough).
As the 12/12W runs quite close to me, it might just have to be a case of going out to see if the 12W turns up on Monday morning!