Sunday 17 May 2015

EYMS Significant Hull to Beverley Improvements

In a week's time, on Sunday 24th May, EYMS are substantially improving their services between Hull and Beverley (it's actually Tuesday 26th when the biggest improvements start, but the Sunday is the timetable change date).

Currently on Monday to Saturday daytimes there are three buses per hour between Hull and Beverley, the 121 and 246 that operate via Beverley Road, Dunswell, Woodmansey, Swinemoor Lane, Hull Bridge Road and Norwood, and the X46 that operates via Beverley Road, the A1079 and Victoria Road. Each route operates hourly.

EYMS's new network of services between Hull and Beverley provides an extra service each hour and even-interval departures every 15 minutes from Hull Interchange and Beverley Sow Hill Bus Station Monday to Saturday daytimes. The 121 and new service 122 will each operate every hour (half hourly combined) via Dunswell, Woodmansey, Swinemoor Lane, Hull Bridge Road and Norwood. The 121 continues from Beverley to Scarborough via Molescroft, Driffield and Bridlington, while the new 122 continues to Molescroft. However the 121 will no longer serve Beverley Community Hospital, instead only stopping nearby on Swinemoor Lane. As well as providing an extra hourly journey between Hull and Beverley, the new 122 will also replace the hourly Monday to Saturday journeys on the 523 between Beverley and Molescroft.

The hourly 246 will continue to serve Dunswell and Woodmansey before operating a slightly shorter route into Beverley via Flemingate and continuing to Hornsea via Norwood and Hull Bridge Road. This new route within Beverley will serve the new Flemingate Retail Park and East Riding College site and avoid the need for the 246 to serve Hull Bridge Road and Norwood twice as currently occurs. Finally the hourly X46 continues with it's current route, continuing beyond Beverley to Market Weighton, Pocklington and York.

Another notable element of the change sees all inbound services (except during the evening peak) from Beverley in Hull route via the City Centre loop, with a new drop off stop at Primark in addition to Spencer Street and Hull Interchange.

Beyond the routing change to the 246, there are no major changes to evening and Sunday services which are generally operate once or twice an hour combined between the 121, 246, X46 and X47 (which operates via Cottingham).

A significant improvement to services not just between Hull and Beverley, but also for residents of Dunswell, Woodmansey and Molescroft. The only slight negative is the loss of links to Beverley Community Hospital with services stopping close by instead.


Anonymous said...

This is excellany news! I was expecting bus companies to be wary of future funding cuts by the Tory government in the July budget, this is great but will it be sustainable? Hull to Holderness Road and to Kingswood have had cuts and when Grimsby to Louth was 30 minutes frequency it didn't last. Tory cuts in July may wreck it all.

Anonymous said...

It's not all good news! Myself and two other passengers regularly use the first 121 from Bridlington to Beverley on a Saturday where we change to the 180 towards Hessle. The 121 will now run 20 minutes earlier but the 180 is unchanged. So we have to get up and set off 20 minutes earlier in order to spend an extra 20 minutes at Beverley bus station. On the return journey there is a passenger who comes into Beverley on the 246 from Hornsea and connects with the north-bound 121. The connection is tight (just 5 minutes) but is usually successful. The changes mean the connection time is now 49 minutes!
So, while the people of Beverley benefit, those making connections at Beverley don't.

Anonymous said...

The link above says the Yorkshire Wolds railway at Fimber (within Humberside) will have an opening event Sunday and Monday.
It was on Look North last night too.