Sunday 1 September 2013

58 replaces 50

One change to Hull City Council tendered services that is going ahead, is the replacement of service 50 with new service 58. The new 58, like the 50, will be operated by EYMS, and commences tomorrow, Monday 2nd September.

The new 58 will operate between Hull Interchange and Broadway Drive. It will operate along Beverley Road before serving Clough Road, Chamberlain Road, Laburnum Avenue, Holderness Road, Summergangs Road, James Reckitt Avenue and Ings Road en-route to a terminus at Broadway Drive. The EYMS timetable also has a timing point at Holderness Road Morrisons shortly, but this is not shown on the Traveline Yorkshire route map? The service will operate every 80 minutes Monday to Saturdays (with a longer lunchtime gap) with departures from Hull Interchange between 0810 and 1730, and from Broadway Drive between 0900 and 1650.

Until yesterday (Saturday 31st August), the 50 had operated a more direct route from Hull Interchange up Holderness Road to Laburnum Avenue. After serving James Reckitt Avenue and Ings Road it then served Maybury Road, Jalland Lodge, Maybury Road (again) and Broadway Drive before terminating at Holderness Road Morrisons. There was a 90 minute Monday to Saturday morning frequency and a limited afternoon service.

So the new 58 is a definite frequency improvement, and provides a new daytime service for Clough Road, home to Hull's recently opened main police station, which seems to be the main reason for recent increases in bus services along the road (see also Stagecoach's 101/rerouted 677). The only negative I can see is the loss of a bus service to Jalland Lodge.

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