Tuesday 27 August 2013

Goodbye 1A/1C, Hello 1E

From Monday 2nd September, EYMS tendered services 1A (Hull-Sibelius Road) and 1C (Kingswood-Hull-Sibelius Road) will be replaced by new route 1E, following a decision made by Hull City Council.

Like the 1C, the 1E will provide an hourly Monday to Saturday daytime service. Unlike the 1C however, the 1E will no longer start/finish at Kingswood Retail Park, but instead at Mizzen Road/Compass Road. From here it appears to follow the current 1C route via Hull City Centre and Hull Royal Infirmary then pick up the current 1A route via Rawlings Way, Hessle Road, Boulevard, Selby Street, St Georges Road, Hessle Road Asda, Hawthorn Avenue, Anlaby Road and Anlaby Park Road North to Sibelius Road.

Assuming this is correct (there is no detailed route description available yet for the 1E) then for areas currently served only by the 1A such as the Boulevard and Hawthorn Avenue this is a major increase on the current 80 minute morning/early afternoon frequency currently provided. But are Askew Avenue and Pickering Road, currently served only by the 1C, left unserved?

Overall this appears to be an attempt to replace both the 1A and 1C with the same amount of resources as used by just the 1C at present, hence the withdrawal of the Kingswood section and seemingly omitting Askew Avenue and Pickering Road.

UPDATE - Detailed route information for the 1E now available, and Askew Avenue and Pickering Road will be served. See the comments to this post


NMcB said...

You can now see the route of 1E on Traveline. After Hawthorn Avenue, it runs via Anlaby Road, Boothferry Road, North Road, Askew Avenue, Pickering Road, Anlaby Road and then as 1A/1C to Sibelius Road.
It therefore manages to cover most of 1A and 1C in West Hull - even though as a result the route is convoluted, to say the least !

Anonymous said...

1E: West Hull

Sebilius Road
Anlaby Park Road North
Anlaby High Road
Pickering Road
Askew Avenue
North Road
Boothferry Road
Anlaby Road
Hawthorn Avenue
Hessle Road
then same as 1A/C

Humber Transport said...

Thanks. Certainly manages to cover everywhere! And North Road gains a bus service in the process

NMcB said...

Presumably this is the first time that North Road has been served since the old 23/24 Circular was diverted via Askew Avenue in the early 2000's. As far as I am aware, up until now it has only ever been served by the 23/24 or its predecessor the 10.

Anonymous said...

According to EYMS website there has been a back track and the 1A 1C are to continue running.