Saturday 17 August 2013

East Riding Contract and Service Changes

East Riding of Yorkshire Council have started to confirm details of September's changes to bus services in the county, some of which have already been mentioned on previous blog posts and in comments.

The folllowing tendered services will see operator changes, but no changes to the timetable or route:
  • Weekday afternoon peak service 270 between Driffield and Beeford will pass from EYMS to Busking from Monday 9th September
  • Weekday peak, Winter Sunday daytime and Monday to Saturday evening service 502 between Bridlington, Flamborough and Buckton will pass from TD Travel to Busking from Monday 9th September
  • Sunday Bridlington Town Services 506 and 508 will pass from Busking to EYMS from Sunday 15th September
  • Driffield Town Service 530 will pass from Acklams Coaches to Busking from Monday 9th September
Lords Coaches operated Saturday service 173 between WIthernsea and Hull will pass to EYMS from Saturday 14th September. Additionally the 1555 from Withernsea to Hull and 1740 return (which operates as service 175) will be withdrawn, leaving just the 0930 from Withernsea and 1320 return from Hull. Pearsons Coaches service 76C 1600 from Withernsea provides a partial alternative for some customers of the 1555.

Finally one services that is not changing operators, Busking's 136 between Driffield and Bridlington will see some changes to departure times from Bridlington from Monday 2nd September, along with a new part route journey from Bridlington to Beeford at 2200. At a guess this is a positioning journey run 'in service' back to the depot following Busking's win of the 502 contract. Certainly a welcome benefit, though with the last bus into Bridlington from Beeford at 1525, it's usefulness maybe limited.


Anonymous said...

Ref the late journey to Beeford at 22.00.
There is a gap in the 502 service from approx 21.55 Brid Bus Stn until 23.00.

The last journey then departs on the 502 at 23.00 in service to Buckton and then runs off dead.
There does seem to be a tremendous amount of dead mileage from Buckton to Driffield at this time of night. I wonder if Busking have plans to park the bus at East Coast Travel at Bessingby Estate in Bridlington.
This is run by a member of the same family as the Busking operator.

driffbus said...

I'm not sure of a start date (if it hasn't already started) but Busking are to operate a service 121S from Bridlinton to Driffield at 0000 (Thursday, Friday & Saturday) to eliminate the dead mileage referred to above....and possibly pick up a few passengers who have had a night out in Bridlington.