Saturday, 27 July 2013

Scarborough and District X28

One EYMS July change I forgot to mention earlier was the new X28. Technically I don't think it serves the Humber Region at all, and it is a Scarborough and District branded service, but it's interesting (to me) anyway. It provides one journey each way from various East Coast Holiday Camps to Pickering, Flamingo Land and Eden Camp on Wednesdays and Sundays during the School Summer Holidays. Timetable. I'm sure EYMS/Scarborough and District have previously offered such a link as a coach tour, so is this about being able to claim BSOG?

It's also got me thinking - would there be potential in a Scarborough-Flamingo Land/Eden Camp service? Or even a Bridlington-Flamingo Land/Eden Camp link?


Anonymous said...

Not served directly, Bridlington gets a limited Coastliner service and with a change of buses at Malton onto the Thornton le Dale or limited extended service to Whitby serves Eden Camp or Flamingo land. From Scarborough again hourly this time to Malton with Coastliner the same buses again serve the attractions. Also Scarborough & District 128 service from Scarborough to Pickering this time catching a bus towards Malton is another option.

Anonymous said...

You are correct that some years ago coaches operated from the camps to various destinations.
However in order to be able to operate the service without the need for tachographs to be used the service is registered in two parts as stage carriage with the bus changing destination screens half way through rhe journey..A similar scheme operates on the long 121 Hull - Scarborough service.