Saturday, 25 May 2013

New Stagecoach Cleethorpes-Skegness Link

Starting today (25th May), and operating every Saturday and Sunday until 1st September, plus Monday and Fridays in school holidays, Stagecoach are offering a new Cleethorpes-Grimsby-Louth-Skegness service. The service departs Cleethorpes at 0900, and seems to follow the 51 route between Grimsby and Louth before operating to Skegness, arriving at 1110. The return service leaves Skegness at 1730, returning to Cleethorpes at 1935.

This isn't Stagecoach's first attempt at a Cleethorpes-Grimsby-Louth-Skegness Summer Service. Previously a Sunday and Bank Holiday service X51 was provided by extended Sunday journeys on the 51 between Grimsby and Louth from May to September. 4 journeys served Skegness, though unless you only wanted 65 minutes in Skegness, a day return not possible from Cleethorpes, as the first Skegness departure was from Grimsby only. The service did also provide a chance for Skegness tourists and residents to spend 3 hours 15 minutes in Cleethorpes

That Sunday service was lost in April 2011 cuts, with the Skegness extensions last operating in Summer 2010. The X51 interestingly had one working operated by Hull depot, using a vehicle otherwise on a long layover in Cleethorpes. Since April 2011 I believe Louth has been without a Sunday bus service - until tomorrow that is.


Anonymous said...

The bus from Hull depot on the X51 operated the Hull - Pleasure Island service. As you correctly point out it had rather a long layover. It was a bit of an adventure for the Hull drivers to run down to Louth & Skegness.

Anonymous said...

Seemed quite well used weekend just gone, although many seemed to be pass hilders which, IIRC, is what led to the withdrawal of the X51 as it was unsustainable as a bus full of OAPs.

Alot of people on Monday seemed to be using it as a local bus in Grimsby, but presumably because they were waiting for any bus, many seemingly unaware that Stagecoach were running a Sunday Service! (i.e. waiting for an 8!)

Anonymous said...

The news is saying that Stagecoach are buying £4million buses for Louth with supernice chairs with WiFi!! This is great news here in Louth!!