Friday, 24 May 2013

EYMS register July changes with VOSA

EYMS have registered the following with VOSA today, all effective from late July:

56/57: Hessle-Hull-Longhill
60/60A: Hull-Cottingham
61/62: Hull-Setting Dyke/Cottingham
64: Hull-Cottingham-Castle Hill
66: Hessle-Hull
130: Hornsea-Bridlington
180: Hessle-Beverley
520/521: Beverley Town Service
523: Beverley Town Service
X4: Brough-Market Weighton-York (though the VOSA registration says the service operates to Hull which it never has done?)

144: Elloughton-Beverley
182: Hessle-Beverley
184: Swanland-Hessle

New Services:
X28: Reighton Sands-Pickering-Flamingo Land-Eden Camp
X30: Bridlington-Scarborough


NMcB said...

It is always difficult to interpret the actual significance of VOSA registrations, but it's interesting that the entry for service 180 states "
Operating between Beverley and Swanland given service number 180/X80 effective from 22-Jul-2013. To amend Timetable."

Of course, the 180 does not, and never has, run to Swanland so it is possible that its new timetable will involve at least a partial replacement for both 144 and 184. Similarly, there is currently no X80 - so this might be a replacement for the 182. Time will tell !

Incidentally, I'm sure you realise that your blog is currently failing to show the list of recent comments - instead showing a message "There was an error in this gadget". Do you know if this is likely to get fixed - or is it a semi-permanent feature of the blogger software ?

Humber Transport said...

I wasn't sure if the Swanland/X80 reference was related to a previous version of the 180 - so thought it could be an out of date desccription. Interesting it is not

Another potential 'X' variant could be the 130
Variation Accepted: Operating between Hornsea and Bridlington given service number 130/X30 effective from 22-Jul-2013. To amend Timetable.

As for the list of recent comments, I'm not sure of how to fix it I'm afraid