Sunday 31 March 2013

Stagecoach in Hull Workers Services

Stagecoach in Hull are amending their weekday 677 service from Tuesday 2nd April; this is effectively a workers service for Cranswick Foods in Preston, but is also available for general public use.

Currently the service runs directly from Hull City Centre via Hedon Road to Preston, with some journeys starting at the Beverley Road/Clough Road junction. However from Tuesday services will now run from Hull Interchange up Beverley Road, along Clough Road, Leads Road, Sutton Road, Ings Road, Maybury Road and Marfleet Lane to rejoin Hedon Road and it's previous route. This offers direct links to Cranswick Foods from more areas of Hull, and also serves other employment areas around Sutton Fields Industrial Estate and Clough Road. The only major timetabling note is the withdrawal of the last evening bus in each direction, currently 1800 from the Interchange and 1845 from Cranswick Foods - the last bus is now 1655 from the Interchange and 1815 from Cranswick Foods.

Talking off Clough Road, Stagecoach are adding a new weekday workers service to serve the new Police Headquaters and other employment sites in the area - the 101 (again it is open to the general public as well). Like the 677 it will run from Hull Interchange up Beverley Road to Clough Road before continuing up Holwell Road to the North Point Shopping Centre. Journeys depart Hull Interchange at 0710, 0740, 0810 and 0840; in the return direction services start at Clough Road, departing at 1545, 1610 and 1740.

One thing - why the 101 route number. Wouldn't 676 or 678 have been better - or even 29 since it shares part of the route with the 28, and part with the 30?


NMcB said...

Presumably 101 is to indicate the link to the Police Headquarters - as 101 is the Police non-emergency number. But perhaps not many people know that !

Anonymous said...

101 is also the non emergency police number - I figure its a take on the service being aimed at the police?

NMcB said...

Presumably the number 101 was chosen for the service to the new Police HQ because it is the 'non-emergency' Police Phone Number. Although perhaps not many people know that !

Personally, I think it helps give the route an identity - while 29 would have been 'just another Bransholme service' and 676 or 678 'another works service'.

However, I am a bit surprised that Stagecoach continue to use route number 10 for the 'Pointer'. It can't be helpful to have the same route number used by the same operator on two different corridors - and some way of distinguishing them would be useful. Possible options might be 10A/10C (although that would require the Andrew Marvell HS routes to be renumbered),10/11 which would keep them together or 11/55 to fit in with other North Hull and East Hull routes while maintaining a theme. In any case, there seems little reason to maintain the traditional number for the erstwhile Gipsyville - Marfleet service when only the central section is maintained.

Anonymous said...

The 101 route is primarily there to serve the new police HQ on Clough Road....and the police non emergency phone number is? (answers on a postcard)

Humber Transport said...

Clearly I need to take more note of how to contact the police when it isn't an emergency! Thank you for explaining