Thursday 28 March 2013

Stagecoach in Hull Nightbus Changes

If I was to cover the recent history of the nightbus network in Hull, it would be a rather long blog post, with frequent alterations during the past few years. So I'll miss out the contextual history and go straight to the details of the changes Stagecoach are planning from from next week (April) in yet another set of changes. In summary the Friday night service is axed, and services will operate slightly later on Saturday nights (Sunday Morning) again, with a small number of extra services operating.

For the N2 to Hessle this means the current 0015 and 0115 from Hull City Centre, and 0040 from Hessle are replaced by journeys at 0000, 0100 and 0200 from Hull Truck Theatre and 0025 and 0125 from Hessle Sqaure. The route is unchanged.

The route of the N15 to Kingswood is also unaltered. The current 0020 and 0120 departures from Hull Truck Theatre become 0000, 0100 and 0200, while the current 2355 and 0055 from Kingswood Retail Park move to 0030 and 0130.

The N31 to North Bransholme has both a revised route and timetable. Instead off operating from Hull Truck Theatre, the service will now start on Lowgate, meaning the western part of Hull City Centre will be unserved. Departures from Lowgate will be at 0030 and 0130, compared to the current 0008 and 0108 from Hull Truck Theatre.

Like the N31, the N43 to Bilton Grange will also switch from Hull Truck Theatre to Lowgate. Lowgate departures will be at 0000, 0100 and 0200 compared to the present 0030 and 0130 Hull Truck Theatre departures.

Finally the N51 to Kingswood retains it's current route, with Hull Truck Theatre departures at 0023 and 0123 moving to 0000, 0100 and 0200, and the solitary current 0044 from Kingswood Leisure Park being replaced by services at 0024 and 0124.

One day hopefully Stagecoach will find out just what is the optimum service level, and then be able to offer some stability. To take a positive from these latest alterations, at least the Saturday night service is being slightly enhanced.

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