Monday 1 October 2012

York Unibus to Stamford Bridge

From Monday 8th October, Transdev York are extending some weekday journeys on Unibus 44 between York City Centre and the University of York to Dunnington and Stamford Bridge. From York's Railway Station services will depart at 0731, 1211, 1311, 1616, 1651, 1721 and 1751. From Stamford Bridge journeys depart at 0730, 0800, 0830, 0915 (to the University only), 1315 and 1400 (to the University only).

While the Transdev announcement highlights the new links this creates between Stamford Bridge, Dunnington and the University, the service also competes at peak times with First service 10, which is getting a new timetable from Sunday. Is Transdev considering competing with First to Stamford Bridge on an 'all day' basis, using unibus to 'test the water' - they already have the tendered daily evening/Saturday morning journeys on service 10 - or is this just about new University links?

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TW said...

I can't wait for Transdev to compete properly for Stamford Bridge and Dunnington traffic. Ever since EYMS abandoned Dunnington (well not quite completely, but...), the service from First has got worse and worse