Tuesday 10 April 2012

Holloways 55 Major Improvement

A change that didn't get reported in detail when it happened. On March 5th, North Lincolnshire Council tendered weekday service 55 between Scunthorpe, Appleby and Winterton was significantly improved. The service is operated by Holloways Coaches.

Prior to the change the service had been very basic. School and college holidays saw just one journey from Winterton to Scunthorpe at 0850, and a lunchtime Scunthorpe to Appleby return. School and college days saw a slightly enhanced service.

Now though the service operates every 90 minutes on weekdays; most journeys operate the full route from Scunthorpe to Winterton via Appleby before continuing via Thealby to operate a loop around Normanby and Burton and as the outward route back to Scunthorpe. This provides much enhanced links from Appleby to Scunthorpe, and a 'usable' link from Appleby to Winterton. In addition Burton, Normanby and Thealby regain links to Winterton, and here connections can be made to the 350 Humber Fastcat, with certain 55 journeys timed to connect into the 350. I recall there was a brief 3 day a week Hornsby Travel operate service from Burton to Winterton a few years ago serving this purpose - hopefully the revised 55 will be more successful than that.

It is also not the first time the 55 has operated beyond Winterton. Up to 10-15 years ago the service extended to Whitton.

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