Tuesday 3 April 2012

(Almost) all services to Tesco

Since yesterday all journeys on Stagecoach's 13 and 14 from Hull City Centre to Orchard Park have been extended to Orchard Park Tesco (except the 2 early morning 13's from Greenwood Avenue). Until last week only daily half hourly journeys on the 13 (operating as 13a/13b) and evening and Sunday 14a/14b served Tesco.

The Saturday daytime frequency on the 13 has been reduced from every 10 minutes to every 15 minutes, as has the late afternoon (1430-ish to 1730-ish) weekday frequency from Orchard Park.


Anonymous said...

The Tesco service road is going to be busy with 19 buses per hour using it. There are six inward-bound service 15s, four service 13s which change to service 14, two service 13Bs which turn back, four service 14s which change to service 13, one service 10 doing the full route in each direction and one service 10 which turns back.

The service 10 changes mean that Tesco is the only big supermarket served directly by the route (after a few years of not serving it). There was a time when the route served all four Asdas (Hessle Road, Kingswood, Bilton and Mount Pleasant) plus Tesco but each service change removed one or more from the route. (I am disregarding the St Stephen's Tesco in this comment as it could be said to be served by almost every route in Hull, sited as it is adjacent to the Interchange.)

Humber Transport said...

The 10 still serves Mount Pleasant Asda via Holderness Road. Not as convinent as Ellis Street maybe, but certainly within walking distance.

The 10 will also be serving the Holderness Road Morrisons now

Anonymous said...

Observations have shown that there are regularly three buses together at the Tesco stop. The record, however, is five one Wednesday afternoon recently when there four Stagecoaches (on services 10, 13, 13B and 15) plus one EYMS on the Free Bus.