Friday 12 May 2017

EYMS 153 Changes

From Monday 21st May, EYMS service 153 sees some alterations as part of wider changes to services along the 'A63 corridor'. On Monday to Saturday's the only services west of Melton will be the 1856 Elloughton to Hull and 2255 Hull to South Cave. This means an improved service for Nunburnholme Avenue in North Ferriby as more service 153's will now complete the loop of residential areas in the village instead, with the first service into Hull City Centre becoming 0720 (0728 Sat) as opposed to 1023, while the last return will be at 1745 rather than 1540 (1640 Sat).

Sunday services are unchanged, including serving the villages of Melton and Welton; this is in addition to the Sunday service 155 via these villages being restored.


Anonymous said...

Why has nothing been mentioned here about the battering of the Monday to Saturday service between Goole and Hull (taking in Howden, Gilberdyke, Newport and North Cave) and the complete withdrawal of the Sunday service between Gilberdyke and South Cave?
Maybe it has been mentioned, but I cannot find it.
So, while North Ferriby and Welton can enjoy an almost doubling of buses on Sundays, Newport and North Cave now have no public-transport access away from their respective villages.
It is also not now possible to reach Hull from Goole on Monday to Saturday before midday.
Also, the sly way that EYMS have 'whispered' their announcement of these dramatic changes. It's difficult to find it among their misleading on-board bus posters and new timetables, but it's there.

Humber Transport said...

There will be a blog post on the X55/Petuaria Express changes by the end of the week hopefully, but I've not had time to do one yet, and it will probably be a rather lengthy one - the other big cull seems to be Brantingham and Ellerker, so there is a lot to cover. I just did the 153 separately now it is largely separate from the main 'A63' service

Joe said...

Nothing related to services, but Stagecoach have a new bus driving around. It has sealife and plastic bottles paited on one side, and the keep Britain tidy logo on thd other