Friday 14 April 2017

Kirton in Lindsey cutbacks

Nearly two weeks ago now, on Monday 3rd April, Stagecoach removed the short Scunthorpe to Kirton in Lindsey journeys on service 103 between Scunthorpe, Messingham, Kirton and Lincoln. Service 103 had been providing an hourly frequency Monday to Saturday daytimes between Scunthorpe and Kirton via Messingham, with extensions every two hours to Lincoln, but now the service is every two hours throughout the whole route. As well as the loss of frequency, Kirton has also lost it's afternoon peak time service from Scunthorpe, as the last departure from Scunthorpe is now 1605 college days/1610 college holidays and Saturdays, as opposed to 1740 and 1840 previously. (Call Connect does provide a demand responsive alternative however).

Between Scunthorpe and Messingham the hourly 103 had combined with the hourly 100 to provide a half hourly frequency; this has been maintained off peak by adding three Scunthorpe-Messingham-Scotter 'shorts' to service 100. So some good news for Scotter, but very disappointing changes for Kirton.


Anonymous said...

I am at a loss as to why the new scotter shorts don't run to Kirton? Surely it would be better to provide Kirton with a hourly daytime service in the middle of the day, rather than Scotter a mis-match of hourly/half hourly services at different times of the day?

Barhamsaint said...
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