Saturday 25 February 2017

Hornsby Saturday Changes

Hornsby Travel will withdraw their hourly Saturday service on Scunthorpe Town Service 22 after operation today (25th February), with the weekday service unaffected. The 22 links Scunthorpe Bus Station with Lloyds Avenue, Glanville Avenue, Devonshire Road, Priory Lane, Ashby Town Centre, Bottesford Road, Bottesford Lane, Timberland and Lakeside Retail Park. Last April Hornsby reduced the Saturday morning frequency from half hourly to hourly.

Between Ashby Town Centre and Lakeside the Saturday 22 shall be replaced from next week by a Saturday daytime diversion to service 4 between Scunthorpe and Brigg; instead off taking the direct route between Ashby Town Centre and Lakeside via Queensway, the Saturday daytime 4 shall take the 22 route via Timberland. This increases journey times from Scunthorpe and Ashby to Brigg and Broughton  by 12 minutes. As part of these changes the Saturday 4 will have a reduced morning/lunchtime frequency, dropping from every 45 minutes to every hour in line with the afternoon service. The first departure from Scunthorpe will be at 0700 rather than 0740, and from Brigg at 0700 rather than 0735.

Apart from the slightly earlier first journeys and a more memorable even interval timetable, passengers on the 4 will be receiving a slightly worse service on Saturdays from next week, whilst those on the 22 route between Ashby and Lakeside have an improved service with a continued hourly frequency, a slightly quicker route between Scunthorpe and Ashby on service 4 and a through service to Brigg. Need to travel to/from Lloyds Avenue, Glanville Avenue, Devonshire Road and/or Priory Lane on a Saturday though? I hope walk, bike or taxi is an option for you as the Saturday 22 is not being replaced in these areas.


Anonymous said...

Big cut for Lakeside, what with the 10 withdrawn from April, and now the 22's gone too! Hornsby seem to be cutting their Saturday frequency considerably - once the same as Mon-Fri, now nearly all routes seem to have a much reduced frequency. Saturdays have always been quieter than Mon-Fri, but never enough to warrant a massive reductions in frequency, certainly not to the point where an area can support a half-hourly Mon-Fri, but only a token diversion on a Saturday as partial replacement? Iv not noticed this trend on such a massive scale outside Scunthorpe?

Anonymous said...

There are places that have done this outside Scunthorpe, I cant remember where. I would keep an close eye on this, as it could give Hornsby ideas like making this happen Monday to Friday aswell.

New timetables are up on Traveline:
No31 will be running 10mins; 07.15 - 17.35 No PM gaps via tesco.
No32: 07.05 until 17.45 No pm gaps via tesco.

No33: EVery 20mins
Bus Station John Leggott College - Barnstaple Road- Medical Centre - collage - bus station
Bottesford or Yaddlethorpe No longer served.

There is no other details at the Moment,

Anonymous said...

It been said talks are still on going with the council over these changes, thus what we have seen might be slight different. Personnel No11 could easily be made every 30mins and cover the parts no longer being served by the 33/34

deadendwaterfall said...

If the number 31/32 are going to be every 10 minutes, couldn't they maybe divert every other one to cover certain parts the number 10 currently covers such as Healey Road and Bellingham Road, so you'd get an every twenty minutes service on the current 31/32 like you do now, and an every 20 minutes service on the 31/32 covering Healey Road and Bellingham Road but 10 minutes overall on the other parts of the 31/32 such as on Ashby High Street etc.

Also, if they did a Healey Road and Bellingham Road 31/32, would an extension to Morrisons be out of the question?

Then the loss of the number 10 wouldn't be such a big impact on Lakeside and Westcliff would still have a direct link to Lakeside, but better than the number 10 as it would now be every 20 minutes instead of every hour.

Anonymous said...

With just over a week to go, still no announcement has been made on Scunthorpe changes - Traveline has been corrected, and now shows the planned network from 3rd April as:

10 - Withdrawn
31/32 - now showing as remaining every 20 minutes, with departures moving 10 minutes earlier/later from Scunthorpe. All journeys after 8.30am seem to serve Tesco.
33/34 withdrawn beyond Westcliff with last journeys on 31st March. 33 runs every 20 minutes.

There are also minor changes to the 11, 37 and 38. I assume talks are still going on with the council over possible subsidies. Based on the current proposals, the following significant areas will loose Mon-Sat daytime services their bus service...
- Manor Farm estate
- Quebec Road/Low Leys estate (Still served evenings/sundays)
- Most of High Leys road area (Still served evenings/sundays)
- Bellingham Road estate
- Stockshills Road
- Heeley Road

There will also be significant cuts to services along Cambridge Avenue in Bottesford, with the current 2 buses per hour reduced to 1, with the first bus arriving into Scunthorpe just before 10am - meaning there will no longer be a college/commuter service from this area.

Lincoln Gardens and Cemetery Road will only have the 12 - Every 30 minutes Mon-Fri, and Hourly on Sat. Until 2012, this area has always had a roughly 15 minutely service Mon-Sat - Although the 31a/32a will continue to serve this area evenings/sundays

It seems to me, the most logical solution would be to extend the 11 loop to run via all of High Leys Rd, Willoughby Road, Quebec Road and Moorwell Road, and an extra run getting to Scunthorpe around 8.30-8.45, but this would only solve one of the many gaps appearing in the network.

Westcliff on the other hand, seems to do quite well out of the changes, with a combined 10 minutely service on the 31/32/33!

Fares are also increasing from 3rd April

deadendwaterfall said...

Here is a revised Scunthorpe service map:

Anonymous said...

So stagecoach got it way in the end, but the council paying for an hourly extension to cover areas left behide. It seems 31/32 will no longer change afterall.