Tuesday 30 August 2016

Stagecoach to takeover Amvale 50

Going by this tweet from Stagecoach East Midlands, they are taking over Amvale Monday to Saturday service 50 from Saltfleet into Grimsby, via North Somercotes, North Coates and Tetney on Thursday 1st September. Currently there are two morning journeys from Saltfleet into Grimsby, at 0735 and 1030, and two afternoon journeys from Grimsby Riverhead Exchange at 1400 and 1732. The first journey extends to Grimsby College and the last journey starts at the college.

The new Stagecoach timetable increases to 3 or 4 journeys each way, thanks to 'positioning journeys' being operated 'in service' - so the extra journeys won't make a huge difference, but if they make a difference to someone then are worthwhile. Departures from Grimsby Riverhead Exchange are at 0630, 0920 (Sat Only), 1445 (Schooldays)/1450 (School Holidays+Sat) and 1732 (starts Grimsby College). From Saltfleet departures are at 0735 (to Grimsby College on schooldays), 1030, 1600 (Sat Only) and 1800.

As a result of this change, the only other operators of local service buses in Grimsby are Grayscroft Coaches and Hunts Coaches with their Tuesday Only shoppers services from Sandilands/Mablethorpe/Louth and Skegness/Alford respectively.


Sam Boothby said...

From observing the timetable it also seems to be diverted, presumably via Hainton Avenue as one of the timing points is Weelsby Road/Hainton Inn, which is currently not served. The service currently runs via Ells Way and Ladysmith Road.

Joe said...

Are you sure? I have picked up the printed timetable yesterday. And it stops at a "Wheelsby Road" wherever that is! :)

Anyway I hope it still goes down Ladysmith as people do get off there abouts (sometimes I've seen it divert to let off at Julian Street at Grand Thorald Park a quite a few times too). And the villiagers need access to the supermarket.

Amvale only just got a new bus a month or so ago aswell, this is very surprising news.

Any chance of it going the extra mile to Mablethorpe in the future?

Sam Boothby said...

Definitely Joe, as the bus cannot serve Hainton Inn and Ladysmith Road! "Wheelsby" is a spelling mistake, it should be "Weelsby". The Hainton Inn is at the junction of Weelsby Road and Hainton Avenue, beyond the turning for Ladysmith Road. To be fair I know it doesn't go down Ladysmith Road as I have did see the first service today running up Hainton Avenue, using a Stagecoach Enviro 200.

You can also see the routing here http://www.travelineeastmidlands.co.uk/em/XSLT_TTB_REQUEST?language=en&command=direct&net=em&line=13050&sup=B&itdLPxx_direction=H&project=y08&outputFormat=0&itdLPxx_displayHeader=false&itdLPxx_sessionID=EFA01_70709059&lineVer=1&itdLPxx_spTr=1&itdLPxx_operatorCodeForTTB=SCLI
Although annoyingly Traveline had put it with the Louth Town service!

The new bus that Amvale had put on the service had been on it for a few months, but had previously been in use on one of their contracts in Scunthorpe.

Joe said...

Thanks for the news, disappointing route though, but not too bad. I have a picture of a 'Louth Town Circular 50' in Grimsby taken last year.

Sam Boothby said...

No problem Joe.

The 50 (Louth Town circular) does not run in Grimsby, it is purely a school route in Louth that serves residential areas and one of the schools in the town. Assume that was just a wrong destination display on a bus, in error of showing the 51 for Louth (or Tetney)?
Heres the timetable:

Joe said...

The display did change on that "50" Louth bus I saw so it was a mistake, still agood picture though.

But, at around noon today, I was on the 4 to Cleethorpes, and when we were just turning onto Durban Road, I saw a "50P" Stagecoach bus driving towards Asda up Ladysmith Road.

My Mum said she saw a "50P" bus at Riverhead before, but isn't certain when. Any idea what's this bus is?

Sam Boothby said...


I have since been informed by Stagecoach (via Twitter) that the 50 does and should run up Ladysmith Road. Obviously an error on their part.
The 50P is the 50, they just seem to be running it with '50P' on the destination blind but I don't know why!