Tuesday 30 December 2014

Humber Flyer - Temporary re-routing delayed?

Last month I posted about Traveline East Midlands showing a revised timetable for Stagecoach's Humber Flyer between Hull, Barton, Grimsby and Cleethorpes, and the associated College Flyer, from Monday 5th January, with the service diverted away from Humberside Airport to operate via Barrow and Wootton instead. Comments posted stated this was a temporary diversion due a weight restriction on a bridge close to Humberside Airport which is requiring a very inefficient temporary timetable. There was then a response from Stagecoach posted stating it was "an ongoing issue that may change".

Today Stagecoach have tweeted "there NO changes to the current route or times of the from 5th January".

However Traveline East Midlands has the following notice:

"HF changes to timetable now from 19th Jan 2015
Valid from 0000 on Monday 5th January until 2359 on Monday 19th January

Affected Services
Stagecoach Grimsby service CF
Stagecoach Grimsby service Humber Flyer
Traveline timetables show a service change for the Humber Flyer from 5 Jan 2015 - please continue to use the current printed timetable times when journey planning - the change in times will now be from 19 Jan 2015."

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Joe said...

Sometime today (9th Jan) the Humber Flyer disruption card was taken off the Stagecoach Grimsby website. I guess thr bridge will beback to normal on Monday then.