Thursday, 29 May 2014

EYMS Hull-Beverley-Hornsea changes

From Sunday 1st June, EYMS are altering their services between Hull and Hornsea. The main change is that the Monday to Saturday 2055 and 2300 journeys from Hull to Hornsea on service 240 via Skirlaugh are replaced by new journeys from Hull to Hornsea on service 246 via Beverley at 2025 and 2300. Additionally the 2300 shall operate on Sundays between Hull and Beverley only; this will be the only Sunday service 246 journey between Hull and Beverley. The new service 246 journeys partially mitigate the evening cutbacks to service 121.

The Monday to Saturday 1750 240 from Hull to Hornsea will operate 25 minutes later at 1815; this is now the last bus from Hull to Ganstead, Coniston, Skirlaugh and Long Riston. Evening journeys on service 240 from Hornsea to Hull at 1830 and 2200 are unaltered.

Finally the Monday to Saturday 0900 and Monday to Friday 0940 service 246's from Beverley to Hull shall instead operate at 0855 and 0915.

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