Monday 14 April 2014

EYMS 195/196/199 (Updated)

EYMS are making major changes to their 195 Pocklington-Elvington-York service from Monday 28th April, as well as making a smaller change to service 196 between Aughton, Elvington and York and withdrawing part off Pocklington local service 199. According to EYMS, the changes are due to funding cuts from East Riding of Yorkshire Council, as well as lack of use of some journeys. The services are mostly tendered.

Service 195

The current Monday and Thursday 0920/Saturday 0935 from Pocklington to York War Memorial is replaced by a Wednesday and Saturday departure at 0930, which will additionally divert via Allethorpe and Thornton but terminate at York Piccadilly rather than extending through the city centre to the War Memorial. Returning from York the Monday and Thursday 1330/Saturday 1440 departure from York War Memorial is replaced by a Wednesday 1345/Saturday 1445 departure from York Merchantgate, again also additionally serving Allerthorpe and Thornton. As a result Allethorpe and Thornton gain new links to York.

The current weekday 0930 departure from Newton upon Derwent to Pocklington will continue to operate, but only on Tuesdays and Thursdays and will additionally serve Allerthorpe and Thornton. The 1240 return, which currently operates on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays and runs as far as Sutton on Derwent, will instead operate on Tuesdays and Thursdays, additionally serve Allethorpe and Thornton, also extend beyond Sutton on Derwent into York. A return option is available for some villages using Transdev York service X36.

Finally the Tuesday only 1255 from Newton upon Derwent to York is unchanged apart from it will now terminate at York Piccadilly and not continue to the War Memorial.

Overall while the changes are service reductions, with some links going from 3 to 2 days a week, they could have been a lot worse and there are even a couple of positives. And I doubt a Monday 0930 from Newton upon Derwent to Pocklington with no return option until Tuesday was well used in the first place!

Service 196

This Tuesday only service, which provides a shopping link into York, will see it's return journey from York War Memorial operate 7 minutes later throughout, departing at 1337 rather than 1330.

Service 199

The Pocklington-Allerthorpe-Thornton part of the 199 is being withdrawn; it provides two journeys in each direction on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays which the 195 changes described above will replace. The Tuesday only Pocklington-Huggate section of the 195 is unaffected.

If anyone can clarify the situation, or add any extra info about part of East Yorkshire that I am not overly familiar with, please post a comment.

Finally, according to itravel York, some journeys on Transdev York service 36 between York and Elvington are to be extended to Sutton on Derwent from late April.

NOTE - The original version of this post suggested the 199 could possibly be withdrawn entirely, as when it was written on Monday night the Huggate-Pocklington part of the service was not showing on EYMS's website. At some point on Tuesday the website was updated to re-add the timetable for the Huggate-Pocklington link and this post has been reflected to update that.


Unknown said...

199 is a tendered service and it now appears on the EYMS website. Travel Surgeries will be held in Bridlington. Tuesday 22 April, King Street (pedestrian area), Bridlington. 10am-2pm and Thursday 29 May, market stall, Driffield Market, 10am-1pm.

Anonymous said...

Surprised that the Huggate section of the 199 remains given that it is very lightly used and there appears to have been recent dialogue between Huggate Parish Council and EYRC over possible withdrawal.

I would have thought that the village and perhaps others in the area would be better served by a dial-a-ride operation available 5-6 days a week similar to the InterConnect network in Lincolnshire.