Saturday, 8 March 2014

EYMS 120/X20 return for 2014

EYMS/Scarborough and District are resuming their Summer services 120 and X20 from Saturday 15th March, operating daily until Sunday 2nd November. The 120 links Bridlington, Filey and Scarborough, operating hourly and also serving various holiday parks en-route. The X20 provides extra hourly short journeys between Filey and Scarborough.

120/X20 timetable

For 2014 a new 0805 Scarborough-Bridlington service 120 will be added (previous first bus 0905), as will new 1840 and 1940 Bridlington-Scarborough journeys (previous last bus 1735). Service X20 will now operate via Cayton Bay Holiday Village, and therefore follow the same route as service 120. The 0830 X20 from Scarborough to Filey and 0905 return will no longer operate on Sundays. Some journeys on both the 120 and X20 are slightly retimed.

While both services are aimed at tourists, they are also off use to local residents during the seven and a half months they operate. For example the last service from Bridlington to Scarborough on year round service 121 is at 1710, whereas the 120 provides later departures at 1740, 1840 and 1940. Filey residents can also benefit from a last 1905 departure from Scarborough on service 120 at 1905 compared to service 121's last departure at 1825.


Anonymous said...

The extra services have been brought in by changing the operational depot from Bridlington to Scarborough.
The 07.30 121 journey from Scarborough to Bridlington will now operate from Scarborough.

This will mean the bus is then in Bridlington to operate the first 120 journey.

The extra evening journeys are a result of the last two buses into Bridlington running back in service to Scarborough and not running into Bridlington Depot.

Anonymous said...

Just picked up a timetable in Scarborough for this service.
Interesting to note the free rides for kids, and the discount fare of £20 for 4 people.

I thought East Yorkshire were making big losses and revenue was down due to OAP passes, and rebates, and loss of school contracts.
I cannot see ridership on the 121 increasing, in fact exactly the opposite with people crowding the 120 bus, and another service running at a loss.
A driver on the 121 in Beverley today told me the feelings in Driffield are the excuses given for closing the depot were rubbish and it's a case of Peter Shipp getting a few quid in the bank before he sells out.