Saturday 21 December 2013

1E: Second Time Lucky?

EYMS have confirmed that at the request of Hull City Council tendered services 1A (Hull-Sibelius Road) and 1C (Kingswood-Hull-Sibelius Road) will be replaced by service 1E (Mizzen Road-Hull-Sibelius Road) from Monday 20th January.

This change had originally been planned for September - see this blog post for full details of what was planned - but was then cancelled less than a week before the change was due to be introduced.


Anonymous said...

New to the EYMS website a further revision of the 1E service from March will see the service split into the 1D and 1E running different parts of the route

Anonymous said...

Not surprisingly the timetable is having to be altered from March 3rd to address late running issues. When I first saw the 1E route and timetable it seemed unlikely that with all the junctions and railway crossings involved the service would be able to run to time. Hopefully the replacement 1D/1E will do better.