Saturday 26 October 2013

Hull Bus Forum notes

A few interesting things from yesterday's Hull Bus Forum.

Graham Hall from Hull City Council admitted the replacement of the tendered 50 with the 58 last month was a "mistake", and the city council is looking to make alterations as soon as possible, however it is not yet clear if the service will have to be retendered; the current operator is EYMS. The main issue has been the loss of links to shops, banks and other facilities at the southern end of Holderness Road.

Next month's Stagecoach changes will see 6 buses an hour from Noddle Hill Way to Hull City Centre Monday to Saturday, and 4 on Sundays, of which half will serve Kingswood; a Noddle Hill Way to Kingswood link is not currently provided. There will be new 32A and 51A variants, with the 32A running to Howdale Road.

Also the Stagecoach commercial manager expects to see the trend of more frequent single decker operated services replacing double decker operated routes continue into the future, and noted how single deckers often have more "accessible" seats.

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