Wednesday 16 January 2013

EYMS York Buses Changing

Alongside the hourly (Monday to Saturday daytime) X46 between Hull and York, the section between Market Weighton, Pocklington and York is supplemented by a variety of other services, principally the 744 and 746. The 746 operates every hour between Market Weighton, Pocklington and the University of York into York City Centre, while the 744 provides some additional journeys between Pocklington and York via Dunnington but not the University - the 744 starts in Bridlington and operates via Driffield, and between Driffield and Pocklington is itself supplemented by the 743.

From January 27th, it's goodbye to the 743, 744 and 746, and hello to the 45, 46 and 46A. Together these new services will provide an hourly Monday to Saturday daytime Pocklington to York service alongside the hourly X46 - a slight reduction on the current hourly 746 + extra 744's.

The 45 replaces the current 744 between Bridlington and York, but with a diversion via the University of York, offering new links to the university from Bridlington, Driffield and Dunnington. There is an extra journey per day via Dunnington into York, and the early morning bus from Bridlington extends to York rather than terminating in Pocklington. But no significant frequency changes compared to the 744.

The 746 becomes the 46/46A, and operates to a reduced timetable between Market Weighton, Pocklington and York. The frequency to/from Market Weighton drops from hourly to 4/5 buses per day, with some extra journeys between Pocklington and York to maintain the hourly 45/46/46A combined frequency mentioned above. While this is a significant reduction, Market Weighton retains the hourly X46 into York, as well as 4 journeys per day on the X4, so still has regular links to the city.

Improvements however for Market Weighton come with a new link to/from Driffield. The 46/46A extend beyond Market Weighton to Driffield, replacing the Middleton on the Wolds/Bainton service provided the 743 and offering new York links from these villages. One service each day further extends to Bridlington. The 46A variant covers one journey each way on weekdays only via Tibthorpe.

Evening/Sunday frequencies on the 744/746 are unchanged, with the routes renumbered/altered to the 45/46 in line with the Monday to Saturday daytime changes. The last bus from York to Pocklington Monday to Saturday at 2305 will operate as a 45A, not serving the University of York, but serving Dunnington.

If that is all a bit confusing then have a look at the new timetables on the EYMS website. Simply it's slightly less buses between Market Weighton, Pocklington and York, but new links between Market Weighton, Driffield and Bridlington. Hopefully the new links created are well used.

Also to note, the X4 between Brough, Market Weighton and York diverts via North Newbald, and is consequently retimed, from January 28th. Meanwhile from the same date the 1620 (1610 Sat) Full Sutton Prison to York journey on the 747 will cease to operate.

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Stevie D said...

It makes sense for the X4 to run via North Newbald, and it always seemed a bit odd that they missed it out and didn't even have a stop on the main road nearby.

I'm not surprised that the 744/746 are being rationalised, but interesting (and positive) that there are more through services to Driffield in the new timetable.

It's a shame that they haven't managed to space the 46 and X4 more evenly from Market Weighton, especially in the afternoon when they run very close together. Also disappointing that they are not making any attempt to resolve the awful weekday morning gap from York to Pocklington, making it impossible to get to work in Pock.