Friday 8 June 2012

New 90/590 timetable

The new timetable for Holloways 90/590, commencing on 9th July, is now on Traveline East Midlands. Holloways have won the tender for this service, currently being run by Stagecoach hourly on an emergency tender after they cancelled their commercial service in April.

On weekdays the 'new' 90 runs between Scunthorpe and Crowle only. From Scunthorpe Bus Station services leave at 0721, 0840, 1030, 1230, 1430, 1620 and 1725. From Crowle services depart Cranidge Close at 0750, 0909, 1109, 1309, 1509, 1650 and 1755. Off peak services operate via Scunthorpe Hospital, which is a good 'innovation', overwise the service seems to be following the same route as Stagecoach's current service.

On Saturdays most journeys extended beyond Crowle to Garthorpe, but do not serve Scunthorpe Hospital. Services leave Scunthorpe at 0915, 1215, 1515 and 1725 (to Crowle only). From Crowle services depart at 0750, 1015, 1315, 1630 and 1755. From Garthorpe services depart at 1000, 1300 and 1615.

The 'new' 590 from Holloways continues to link Eastoft and Crowle to the Scunthorpe Colleges on college days, but will no longer serve St. Bedes School or Scunthorpe Bus Station.

So that is the new service, and it's back to 'recent historical norm' in terms of frequency, thinking back to the former Road Car/Stagecoach 356. However what about Sweyne Coaches weekday service, and Stagecoach's East Riding of Yorkshire tendered Saturday service 357? The co-ordination is brilliant actually from Crowle to Scunthorpe and return on weekdays, with an hourly daytime service provided between Sweyne and Holloways. On Saturdays it is quite good as well, with at least 40 minutes between the 90 and 357, with one exception in the afternoon (1556 357 from Garthorpe, 1615 90).

Thought has clearly gone into the 90 timetable, and consideration made off Sweyne's commercial service, and the East Riding tendered 357. However the services will be fragmented between operators, and there is still the risk that the tendered 90 will abstract passengers from Sweyne Coaches commercial services. Personally I would have awarded a de minimis contract to Sweyne to fill the gaps. Maybe that was tried? At least though Crowle still maintains a decent bus service.


Anonymous said...

Looks like a good outcome overall for Crowle. I wonder if Holloways proposed the timetable or NLC, as its very well planned out overall - maybe they can help stagecoach sort out the Scunthorpe network which has some dreadful timings on some corridors (Thinking 11/12/34 leaving Scunthorpe towards Ashby/Bottesford...)

As a side note - It looks like the 90 journeys via Scawby are gone?

Humber Transport said...

I'd have thought there would still be time to sort something out for Scawby.