Saturday 3 September 2011

Goodbye 38, Hello 31

From Monday 4th September, Stagecoach are replacing service 38 with a new service 31. Currently the 38 operates hourly Monday to Saturday between Hull City Centre and Bransholme North Point Shopping Centre via Garden Village and Leads Road, with peak time extensions to Kingsbury Way and Kesteven Way as service 38A.

The new 31 will operate via the current 38 route as far as Barnstaple Road, close to North Point. From there is will operate via Wawne Road, Noddle Hill Way (also served by the 32) and Bude Road to Kingswood Retail Park. Services will operate half hourly Monday to Saturday, with peak variations 31A also serving Kingsbury Way and Kesteven Way. The Noddle Hill Way to Kingswood link is currently provided by the hourly weekday daytime K1, which will be re-routed away from most of Noodle Hill Way.

I'm slightly surprised to see North Point omitted from the route, though I think Barnstaple Road is within walking distance for the able-bodied at least. Other than that a significant frequency improvement for those currently served by the 38 and the K1, and some useful new links to Kingswood from Garden Village.

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