Thursday, 14 July 2011

Stagecoach Hull September Service Changes

Stagecoach in Hull have registered various service changes with VOSA from early September, covering the following registrations:

  • 1/2/N2 - Boothferry Estate

  • 10/10B - City Circular

  • 13/14 and associated variations - Orchard Park

  • 15/N15 - Orchard Park/Kingswood

  • 28 and associated variations - Sutton Park/Bransholme

  • 30 and associated variations - Bransholme/North Bransholme

  • 31/31A - Interesting, the 31 hasn't operated for a few years now, but a variation to it has been accepted by VOSA. The 31 had in the past been a variation of service 30, operating via Leads Road

  • 32 and associated variations - Bransholme

  • 43 and associated variations - Greatfield

  • 51 and associated variations - East Hull/Bransholme

  • 52/52A/53/53A - East Hull

  • 54 and associated variations - Bilton GrangE

  • 70/677 - Ferry Port/Cranswick FoodS

  • Humber Flyer

Meanwhile the 20/20W to Kingswood and Wawne is cancelled, but as ever there is always a chance it could be re-registered or amalgamated into other services. Also cancelled are the W1/2 college buses to Wilberforce College, which are passing to EYMS.

Finally a new (restarted?) 93M will operated daily at 2140 from Mecca Bingo on Clough Road to Orchard Park Hall Road.

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