Friday, 6 August 2010

Grimsby-Immingham Corridor Changes

It appears that September's change to Stagecoach's 45 group of services (Grimsby-Immingham corridor) this year is rather minor. The 0820 45M and 0840 45 from Immingham County Hotel shall be merged into a single 0830 45M according to the traveline east midlands website starting 6th September. The 45M starts 10 minutes earlier at the Millenium Inorganic Chemicals site 10 minutes earlier.


Anonymous said...

it would seem looking at the revised 45 timetable the 17:40 45B departure from Grimsby will terminate at Ulceby instead of running to Barton. Interestingly the 17:00 Grimsby to Ulceby is still shown be running. Is there a point to this why not run the one bus and still serve Wootton Thornton Curtis and Barrow

Humber Transport said...

Hi. Yes Stagecoach is showing the 1740 becomes a 45H meaning the end of the 45B. Traveline East Midlands stillshowed the 45B on it's site earlier but I think I would rather trust Stagecoach!

The 45B has probably gone because there is no morning peak working to Grimsby - the earliest service from Barrow/Thornton Curtis/Wootton is the 0900 Barton-Grimsby 250 service.